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    how to remove fuel injector pintle, cap or seal?

    It's a 02 Explorer 4.0L and I am replacing a fuel injector. I purchased a new injector and pintle cap but how do I remove the old pintle cap? The old injector has been removed. Here is a post that talks about pintle caps but doesn't tell how to remove the old ones...
  2. C

    Searching for 1st Gen Canopy

    Hi out there, I just got myself a '04 ST but it doesn't have a canopy and I really would like to find a used one. Can anyone help a newbie out? thanx Court
  3. C

    Looking for cap for 2008 Sport Trac

    Hey there, I'm looking for a cap for my sport trac.... Thing is my partner is needing to travel with a walker now and so I need a cap to give a taller storage area for the walker. The truck is white, but I'd take whatever color cap would work on this particular bed. The cap could make...
  4. M

    Check Fuel Cap Light

    Hi all, for the past year or so I've been wrestling with my "check fuel cap" light. I've replaced the fuel cap around 3-4 times which fixed it for about a month each but the light still returns after then. It's driving me nuts because I hate seeing warning lights on my dash. Please let me...
  5. Bleeder screw with a vacuum cap.

    Bleeder screw with a vacuum cap.

    The part number from Motormite/Dorman/Help is 47392. The size is 7/32".
  6. Z

    Does 06 bed Cap fit 07?

    Hey Dudes, I was wondering if anyone knew if the 1st gen bed length was the same as the 07 and newer?? I have an 07 but I am trying to find a used cap for it. All I can find are caps for the 1st gen... Will they fit? Also anyone near the Hudson Valley, NJ, CT have one for sale...
  7. The hub without the grease cap.

    The hub without the grease cap.

  8. Grease cap removal.

    Grease cap removal.

  9. B

    1986 Ranger 2.3 gas-putting & stalling after replacing spark plugs, etc.

    Hi fellow rangers, [ 1986 Ford Ranger/2.3L gas/5 speed OD/128,745 Miles/ California ] Ok, This is my "unlucky every other year" SMOG TEST ONLY where I diligently replace my air filter,spark plugs, cap and rotor, (fuel cap, if needed). The night before doing these changes, I drove to the auto...
  10. S

    Chrome Gas Cap Question

    Hi there yesterday at about 5-6pm i put on my chrome gas cap held on with 3m tape. Just wondering is it okay to drive the car now its been like 18hours but it been raining for the last 8 hours. Do u think it bonded enough. Thanks
  11. IAC valve sensor

    IAC valve sensor

    Don't forget to clean your IAC Valve's sensor below the black snap off cap.
  12. dual cap install

    dual cap install

    dual cap install
  13. dual cap build

    dual cap build

    dual cap build