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captain's chairs

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    Changing Bucket Seats to Bench

    I currently have a 2013 Ford Explorer LTD with bucket seats in the second row. I do not have the inflatable seat belts, black leather. I bought a set of 60/40 leather bench seats, the leather pattern is not the same (not perforated) but it was from a 2012 explorer and says it fits my model. My...
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    Replacing bench with 2nd row bucket seats

    I am considering buying the 2011 Explorer. I would really want to get the 2 bucket seats in the second row, but as far as packages go - this is only available in Limited with Rapid Spec 301A with Luxury Seating Package. That forces me to buy a lot of features I am not interested in. My...
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    Advice Needed: Bolt-in 2nd row bucket seat options

    I need to change out the 60/40 split bench seat in the 2nd row for captain's chairs / bucket seats. I have two younger kids and a German Shepard that need to all survive a long road trip this summer. Separate seats seem to be the ideal solution. Try as I might, I can't find a definitive...