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car camping platform

  1. 20200830-DSC00888_IG.jpg


    Took the rig down to the beach to cook breakfast
  2. 20200828-DSC00356_IG.jpg


    Kitchen and bed
  3. 20200827-DSC00299_IG.jpg


    Setting up the kitchen in the 99 Ex-Camper
  4. TsherryUSA

    My 99 EX-Camper Build

    Been working on this build on and off for a few months now. We finally got a chance to take it on a 6 night dispersed camping trip through southern Oregon about a month ago. Things are getting dialed and I wanted to share. First, some nice photos of the kitchen area: Okay onto specifics...
  5. L

    2003 Sport Camping Build

    Hey all! I've been browsing this forum since 2010 and have gained a ton of information and new skills. There are so many useful resources here so I'm hoping to give back a little with this post. My current explorer is an 03 Sport that I picked up a couple years ago. In the time that I have had...