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car dolly

  1. M

    Safe to pull my Jeep with my Explorer?

    I have a '99 Explorer 4x4 with the 4.0 liter that my wife bought new. It's always been well maintained and taken care of and has always been there when we needed it. Last year I installed a Class III Curt hitch rated as follows: Gross Trailer Wt. = 4,000 Lbs. / Max Tongue Wt. = 400 Lbs. Wt...
  2. drakeguy22

    Towing a 99 4x4 Explorer.....

    i was wondering if there were any do's or dont's when towing a 99 explorer???? i will be towing it with a Ranger+dolly from Tupper Lake to Old Forge... about 55 miles one way. was planning on disconnecting the driveshaft. its got a bad rear diff. any tips would help