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  1. L

    How to secure cross bars and cargo carrier

    Hello everyone. My explorer has cross bars on top (well it HAD it) and I mounted a curt cargo carrier on it. Earlier today the cargo was stolen in my work parking lot. They didn't unscrew the rack they unscrewed the bars and took the rack with it. My question is how do I secure the bars? They...
  2. C

    Prospective buyer Help! Twin mattress fit in explorer?

    Hi, I'm a big ford guy and have been trying to convince my dad to pick up a new explorer. He loves the explorer sport power and looks but he currently has an older GMC yukon and he loves his cargo capacity. I have siblings in college and as such being able to transport a twin mattress is a...
  3. J

    Guidance is requested on purchasing an Aerostar for the first time.

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing an Aerostar Cargo Van for my small business that I'm developing. I'll be making deliveries in town and it seems that the Aerostar is a reliable vehicle. I've been searching craigslist and have found several leads. Prices ranging from $900 to $2,250. I know...
  4. D

    Cargo area cover (Dog use)

    I am new here and I have scanned through some of the post that recommend Husky and weathertech cover for the cargo area. I am interested in a cargo cover for my '12 Explorer that protects the back of the 2nd row seats. Mainly I would like to keep everything as dog hair free as possible. Any...
  5. Weathertech cargo mat

    Weathertech cargo mat

    Weathertech cargo liner
  6. O

    Can someone help me identify these cargo covers?

    I have these three cargo covers / sun shades / privacy screens, but I don't know what year they fit. I got all three at a garage sale. Does anyone recognize the mounts? I think the first one is for a 91-94 model, the middle one appears to be newer. Both tans measure 52" and the grey one...
  7. willindsay

    How To: Cargo Box

    I built this as I was tired of having several diffenent containers in the back holding all my stuff and having such wasted space above the wheel well. This box was inspired by the one that CJExplorer made. First material list (Click on pic's for bigger version) 1) 19/32" OSB Flooring (Use...
  8. willindsay

    Leaking Cargo Window??

    Today I was in the process of building my cargo box when I took a break to pic my sis up from school. It was pouring out side. Well once I got back I noticed that the Drivers rear cargo window was leaking I put a hose to it to see where exactly it was coming from and then sealed it up with clear...
  9. T

    Searching for an '06 Explorer All-Weather Cargo Liner

    I'm in the market for an all-weather black cargo liner for my 2006 Ford Explorer. I have the power 3rd row seats that fold flat and what I'm looking for is a cargo mat that will cover the entire area when my seats are put away (which will be most of the time) and then easily folds up to protect...
  10. J

    3rd Row Seat Delete

    Decided that the 3rd row seats were taking up space and had no value for me. Heres a pic of what it looks like now. Im really happy with it. Let me get your opinions, maybe I will do a quick how to write-up depending on the feedback.
  11. Cargo area

    Cargo area

    Cargo area covered in Dynamat.
  12. Rear Cargo Panel

    Rear Cargo Panel

  13. Cargo Area

    Cargo Area

    My false floor/cargo box. It's bolted to the floor and drawers slide out fully. I love it!