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  1. M

    Help with whining sound from transmission/transfercase

    Today I changed both the transfer case sensors because my 4x4 wasn't shifting into low. It now works but for some reason when i drive above 20 mph I hear a whining sound. It continues to get higher until I slow down then gets lower. I cant imagine replacing the sensors could of caused this but...
  2. J

    2004 Ford Explorer Leaking Transmission Fluid

    Hey there Explorer community, i'm in a conundrum and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I drive a 2004 Ford Explorer 4wd 4.0L Vin K 64,000 Miles, and I know explorers sometimes get a bad wrap but for the most part I love this car. This car has always leaked a few drops of...
  3. D

    How to Change Transfer Case Fluid

    Hey Guys, So here is my latest video: How to Change Transfer Case Fluid. I really like this one because it is easy, clear and straighforward. I figured this would help some of you as well who need to change your fluid. What do you think? Ps. Thumbs up the video on youtube if you can...
  4. J

    Making a Dummy Transfer Case

    Hello all, I've recently been witnessing the "beginning of the end" of my transfer-case's natural life. In efforts to extend the use of my truck, it has been converted to 2Wheel drive from the case forward. Knowing that a transfer case rebuild is likely necessary in the near future, i'm...
  5. J

    Transmission or t-case (Something's wrong)

    Hello, this is my first post in the forum, and i regret that this is the way i introduce myself... but I'm a long time reader, first time poster. The Truck My Explorer is a 1998 XLT with 4.0L SOHC, Automatic Transmission, and ControlTrac Transfer case. The 4x4 has been disabled by the...
  6. E-4WD transfer case.

    E-4WD transfer case.

    This is the E-4WD transfer case which is used on the Aerostar van.
  7. J

    T-Case Popping Issue?

    I picked up my 1998 ford explorer XLt with auto four wheel drive t case, about three months ago. After i picked it up i noticed if i accelerated really fast there would be a loud popping noise in the front end(while im in auto 4 wheel),(i dont know if it popped in 4x4 high) it sounds like...
  8. F

    electric shift to manual t-case mod, and new bumper build

    well i made a thread about converting my electric shift tcase to a manual shift and now its 10 min from being finished, ......damn washington rain!!! anyway i used a 90 degree 3/8ths chuck drill adapter at lowes $18 some 3/8ths solid steel bar and a sleeveto mount to the t-case...
  9. D

    Whirring noise? Transfer case or transmission?

    Hi, this is my first post here so I hope someone can help me out! 2002 Ranger XLT 4x4 off-road, 4.0L V6, auto trans, about 105,000 miles. I haven't used 4WD in about a year. I used it last Friday to get up a steep muddy road with no problems. Then on Saturday I drove about 15 miles @...
  10. TSB 92-5-12 Case spring in the converter channel of an A4LD transmission.

    TSB 92-5-12 Case spring in the converter channel of an A4LD transmission.

    A spring was installed in the transmission case worm trail to trap large machining chips, and reduce engine stall complaints caused by the stuck converter lock-up valve in the main control of the transmission. This spring should not be installed in transmissions built prior to 8/21/91.
  11. 4406 Transfer Case

    4406 Transfer Case

  12. T-case 1998

    T-case 1998

  13. T-case 1998

    T-case 1998

  14. complete Transfer case linkage

    complete Transfer case linkage

    All the parts you need for the manual shift transfer case linkage setup
  15. BW1354 lever

    BW1354 lever

    This is the linkage you want for the manual shift BW 1354 conversion, make sure you get the transfer case shift lever with it.
  16. BW 1350 long lever that will work with BW 1354

    BW 1350 long lever that will work with BW 1354

    This is linkage in my explorer from a 87 bronco2 with a A4LD and a BW1350.It is diffrent than the short lever linkage, and you NEED the MATCHING LEVER on the TRANSFER CASE.You will need to modify the bottom of the shift lever so that it will clear the front yoke.
  17. more linkage

    more linkage

  18. shift lever and boot

    shift lever and boot