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  1. Straight Axle Caster

    Straight Axle Caster

    7-10 degrees is good
  2. TxCowgirlInCo

    Axle Pivot Locations - Superlift

    Ok, I've got a question for all those well versed in the TTB especially lifted ones. Initially the 2nd previous owner installed the 5.5" Superlift incorrectly I believe bc the Axle pivot bolts were placed in the upper of two holes in the new drop brackets. Realizing this appeared to be...
  3. F

    Alignment Issue - Help!!

    1999 Explorer XLT 5.0L AWD 2-3 months ago I went to our local tire shop and asked for new tires and an alignment. The shop ordered the tires and we scheduled an appointment a few days later. I got to the shop the day of the appt. and they got started. Twenty minutes later or so, they call me...
  4. S

    Caster problem.

    I have a 2000 Explorer AWD 5.0L, with 98,000 miles, and just had the right side ball joints replaced. My Explorer tracked straight before this replacement. The repair shop tells me that after aligning the tires, that the passenger side caster is adjusted to the max, but that the wheel has been...
  5. astaroth

    Good Camber / caster for 1-2" lift

    Hello! Does anybody know what is a good Camber / caster degree for a 1-2" lift?
  6. X

    '97 4.0 SOHC Sport:: Caster Adjustment?

    Alignment:: Caster Adjustment.... I am curious as to why Ford did not install a part that made this possible.... Anywho, I just wanted to make sure before I drop my truck off to have some work done... ALL I need to enable this simple alignment to happen is to purchase the "CAM Bolt set" and...