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    97 Problem child.

    So i have a 97 Eb 5.0 its been dubbed "Problem child" Dropped the trans pan today for a filter change and to my surprise its the first time it's been dropped since factory. 287k miles! and the inside of the trans wasn't even bad. No shaving! Anyways I'm hoping that part goes well. On to the...
  2. N

    Running Like Garbage

    Alright so all of the sudden my 00 Explorer (4.0 SOHC) has been running like garbage. It started when one of my cats got plugged (it sure shined a nice cherry red). Since then, I have replaced plugs, plug wires, and coil. They didn't help so I replaced the Crank position sensor now too. The...
  3. J

    Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

    I know there have been threads on this before but I was wondering in terms of longevity, what is the best aftermarket catalytic converter? I noticed that Magnaflow have both a “high metal” and an “OEM” grade catalytic convertor but both have the standard 25,000 mile internal / 50,000 mile...
  4. C

    Warranty Repair Issues -Help with Code P0420

    Help with Code P0420 - 2007 Explorer (fixed) I have a 2007 Explorer EB that has a check engine code p0420 showing. I believe the issue is with the catylitic converter but I am not sure. I have talked to the Ford dealership and was told the warranty was expired. The part itself cost $1300...
  5. M

    cat is heating up my slush box!

    Hi all just wondering if anyone has found a solution to blocking off the heat from the cat to the transmission. I have a 3 quarts overstock pan thick aluminum, + larger cooler and screw on oil filter but I still can't block out all the heat from the cat. Since the cat is right next to the...
  6. J

    Crushed Exhaust at Catalytic Converter

    Hey all, I was driving in a field in the dark last night, and managed to drive my front tires off a ledge and bottomed out on a rather tall rock. After being pulled out, the car is running quite rough and loud, and i can see that i completely crushed the exhaust where it goes into the...
  7. C

    '98 Exp. SOHC - Rough Idle / No Power **Big Mystery**

    Ok, so I'm stumped on this one. I would consider myself fairly good at diagnostics, but this one has me ( and apparantely a number of Ford master techs, and others, stumped) Not mine (yet???- The owner is fed up, and I might be able to buy it cheap as is, but I;m a little scared of this...
  8. R

    MAJOR cat problem. possible impound? PLEASE HELP!!

    Okay so i have a huge problem. I have a 96' 4.0 that didn't pass smog because the cats are bad. (threw a P0420 code). Apparently, all of the aftermarket cats that an hour long internet search seemed to find, are NOT Cali legal. I called Midas (longshot) asking if they could do it. After...
  9. A

    Cleaning an O2 Sensor

    Can you clean an o2 sensor? Got a code and I know it's in front of a blocked CAT so I'm wondering if I change the CAT do I need a new o2 sensor or can I clean it? If so how?
  10. A

    Got the bad news... Help please

    So I took my 96 EB into the dealership to get it checked so I can figure out what it was and stop the guess work. The car wouldn't start so I had to tow it in. It didn't start for them either and they pushed it into the garage. Anyway here are the codes they pulled. P0171 (Bank 1 Lean)...
  11. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat

  12. Inside Cat

    Inside Cat

    Inside of my cat, these are supposed to lower pollution?! ;)
  13. Cat


    My cat
  14. Exaust


    Here is the exaust from the rear
  15. My exaust. High flow cat and Flowmaster

    My exaust. High flow cat and Flowmaster