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  1. J

    That catalytic game, 02 4.6 limited.

    2002 Explorer 4.6, if read tons of stuff about exhaust for them but I haven' found a real answer on something. If you were to remove the cats, replace them with straight pipe then installing the o2 sensor in the same relative spot would the system work with no CEL? And with that being said...
  2. B

    WTB: Explorer Sport catted downpipes

    Anyone have a new or used set of downpipes with cats to sell? If they have tips for the 13-15 models I am mod them for my 16. Buz
  3. N

    Wanted Catalytic converters for 2001 sport

    Looking for both sets of cats for a 2001 explorer sport. 4.0 L V6 SOHC. THANKS! My number is 404-405-1210. Am willing to pay for shipping dont care what the cost is.
  4. R

    Bad Catalytic Converters - CA emmissions

    History: about three months ago i started to get a idle metal vibration noise and thought i might have a loose exhaust flange or heat shield. My local exhaust shop said i had a bad driver side Cat but i have held of replacing. the noise has come and gone over the last few months and just...