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center console

  1. R

    Civilian Style Police Center Console??

    Hey all, Was looking online for which center console I could fit into my Police 22', when i came across something really interesting. Ive never seen this before but it looks like a center console made specifically for the police package vehicles. Does anyone know what this is? or where I can...
  2. '16PIU

    For Sale 2011-2019 PIU parts (sync,center console)

    Hello all, I have a few parts available that were removed from my 2016 PIU. All items are in great cosmetic condition as well as fully functional. Prices are shipped to the 48 conus. I will ship internationally but you will be responsible for the shipping costs. If you think I’m way off on price...
  3. B

    Center console

    Dose anyone know how to get this out ? I’m kinda stuck it’s a 2003 Ford Explorer sport xlt with the full counsoler for this can and I just can’t get it out please help
  4. K

    Wanted: Ford Explorer Second Row Console

    Hello all- I have a 2014 Ford Explorer Sport with bucket seats in charcoal and was looking to install a second row center console. I have searched the entire internet in search for the part but cannot find it, even multiple websites that say they are in stock have cancelled my order because they...
  5. willzilla

    2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4 door Center Console Removal?

    The forum search feature doesn't seem to work (just gives me errors when I try to search for anything). What is the trick with removing the center console? I found various instructions, removed all of the bolts/nuts, and then hit the center bracket backwards to push to console back "at least 2...
  6. S

    2013 Explorer Police Interceptor Backup Sensors... Can we add it?

    Hey all! I'm reposting this question here, as I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing. : ) I'm trying to decide whether or not to add parking sensors to my 2013 Police Interceptor Utility. Long story short, I added the receiver hitch (Ford OEM) and don't remember getting the wiring harness with...
  7. T

    Headlight problems

    I have headlight problems in my 97 Ford explorer. When I checked the headlights, the side (orange) ones work fine when I test them but the main ones that are troubling me. I have a driver-side high beam that works, but not the passenger side. I have watched a video that helps but doesn't solve...
  8. 1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

    1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

  9. 1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

    1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

  10. 1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

    1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

  11. 1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

    1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

  12. 1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

    1997 Ford Explorer Center Console

  13. E

    2006 Explorer Center Console Bolt Size

    Need to pull the center console in my 2006 Explorer with the help of the factory shop manual. Only problem is it doesn't say what size the front and read console bolts are. 10mm and 7/16 sockets are too big. 9mm and 3/8 are two small. If anyone has pulled the console, what size socket did you...
  14. Rainlord

    Probably a crazy idea, 2016+ center console on a 2011-2015?

    I was looking around for cup holder inserts (clamps) as the 2012 don't have them and I find them oddly useful. Eventually google took me into the "parts" territory as I wondered what the 2016+ models had in them - that perhaps I could just buy their cup holders and pop them in. However, they...
  15. G

    2013 front center console removal

    I need to get under/behind the door that covers the storage area in front of the shifter (Mine says Microsoft on the latch button) several items have slid through the slot behind the door and storage compartment and the door will neither open fully or shut. it looks like I have to remove the...
  16. S

    Center Console extension

    The console on my 95 Explorer XLT stops at about the seat fronts, with a couple of cup holders, leaving a vast expanse of carpeted hump between it and the dash. Is there a forward component that can be installed to continue the console from where it ends now to under the dash? It would look way...
  17. S

    1995 Explorer XLT Mint Green

    Just found this forum, wish I had known about it before. Excuse my ignorance, but if I want to exchange information with others who also have a 1995 Explorer XLT, where is the appropriate forum for that? I love my truck, it's only got 62K on it, it's my trailhead truck. But would like to...
  18. M

    Need a center console lid

    I have a 2001 ford explorer sport with dark gray interior. The center console lid plastic housing for the screws has cracked. the hinge works just fine, so all i need is the lid itself. I'm looking for anyone that knows how to find this replacement lid. I have already purchased a replacement...
  19. K

    Rear door lock cap/cover and center console

    Hi everyone! Im a proud new owner of a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac SOHC 4.0L! I just bought the truck last week from a dealers auction for $4300 and its my first car. My dad owns a 2003 Sport Trac that I loved and just happened to see this one at the auction and went for it! Mechanically...
  20. X

    Hidden Push Button Start

    Im not sure if I am posting this in the right section but i wanted to share something i installed before i sell my truck. I installed a hidden push button start into my coin holder in my 96 eddie bauer if anyone has any questions about how to do this yourself i can tell you what you need and...
  21. D

    Need new center console arm-rest!

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum I've been looking around all day on mods I can do with my explorer. I'm currently putting a new engine in mine and have decided to keep it for a while. I enlisted in us marines so I want to keep this vehicle here and don't plan on ever getting rid of it so I'd like...
  22. A

    anyone have experence with installing center consoles??

    Ever since i bought my explorer is hasn't had a center console. i found one on craigslist and tomorrow im removing it from the sellers explorer and installing it in my... as of now i have no clue how ill go about doing it... and advice?
  23. BigRondo

    How To: Remove/Replace 3rd Gen Center Console

    This is my how to for removing & replacing the center console on the 3rd Gen Ex. Be Sure To Check Out My Other Write-Ups: How To: Replace Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex How To: Remove/Replace 3rd Gen Door Panel How To: Install Signal Mirrors On 3rd Gen Ex How To: Restore Faded...
  24. C

    A/C only blows thru Defroster Vents

    My truck is a 2007 XLT with 53K and was built in Feb 2007, so it is just out of warranty. Just started blowing A/C air out of the defroster vents, with a small amount coming out the center console and the left and right upper vents near the side windows. I took it to the dealer for diagnosis and...
  25. S

    Center Console Arm Rest

    I have googled and searched every kind of parts site there is. I CAN NOT FIND a center console arm rest. The bottom part of the arm rest broke and all I really need is that backing that screws off.