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  1. S

    Convert Basic stereo to Mach audio

    i have read through the threads and can’t find EXACTLY what I’m looking to have have answered. Most threads are how to fix things that are broken. I have a 2001 XLT with standard audio system. I have at my disposal a 2001 Eddie Bauer donor truck which has the premium audio system with fully...
  2. cober

    Finally did a full gear oil change in rear axle differential on my Explorer

    Finally did a full gear oil change in rear axle differential on my Explorer after 5 years of riding and of course - shoot a detailed video about it!
  3. D

    Air filter replacement type

    Hey everyone, just needing to know if Fram's CA 5058 is okay for my 93 explorer. It looks like it fits and I saw somewhere online the 5058 replaced the fa-1043 but thought I'd double check.
  4. DSC_00301


  5. DSC_00351


  6. 2016 Explorer Sport

    2016 Explorer Sport

  7. Rear Ford Emblem

    Rear Ford Emblem

    Rear Ford Emblem to match paint colors on car
  8. Rear Sport Badge

    Rear Sport Badge

    Blacked out Sport Badge
  9. Front Ford Emblem

    Front Ford Emblem

    Matched the paint colors of the car to the Ford Emblem
  10. 2

    Oil change on an sloped driveway?

    Hi everyone. I really need to change my oil and I'm wondering if it's possible and alright to change it on a driveway that's sloped. It's less than 10 degrees so it's not too steep. Has anyone done this? The oil drain bolt is on the rear of the oil pan so it seems ok as long as I park it facing...
  11. M

    2000 v8 explorer oil change

    Hello all, I'm changing my oil and oil filter today in my 200 Ford Explorer 5.0 and need to go out and buy tools, from someone with experience could you tell me exactly what tools I will need and what sizes. Please and thanks !
  12. D

    How to: Change Speakers; Most Models; Lots of Pics

    Hey everyone, This is a 97 Explorer with the premium sound system. This guide applies to all 1991-2001 Ford Explorers. It also does apply to every other Explorer, including Sport Tracs, but may be slightly different. Specifically, panel removal. You will need: Screwdriver Panel...
  13. Green Explorer Mountaineer Grills

    Green Explorer Mountaineer Grills

  14. J

    xlt rear seat can fit in a 94 sport..??

    good day!, I have contemplated changing my explorer sport seats, I found a 99 xlt, in very good condition, but that's the problem, I wonder if it is possible to adapt the rear side of the explorer xlt in my 94 sport.
  15. 2

    Oil Filter Question.

    So today I went to change the oil in my X, everything went well, I successfully drained the old oil but when I went to remove the filter I found it to be on there surprisingly tight. No way I could have removed it by hand, so I just added the new oil but left the old filter on so I could drive...
  16. F

    How to: change dash display color!

    I have been searching and asking questions and i thought i would put this up for anyone brave enough to risk destroying their instrument cluster. tools needed: in this case a blue highlighter and a sharp knife Step 1: remove the cluster from the dash...
  17. H

    1993 Ford Explorer guage cluster swap.

    Hey guys was hoping to change or mod the cluster in my 93 cluster. was hoping to put in a white one from a dodge ram wondering if that's even posible?!?! Any help would be GREAT! thanks guys and gals :D
  18. N

    Meter back lights?

    Okay so my problem is the light behind the meters is..well not there. Im guessing they are bulbs that have burnt out. Here is a pic for reference... This is a 99 explorer xlt btw. Couple Questions... 1: Is this hard to replace by myself?( I have some mechanical skills I would be able to pull...
  19. W

    Rear Differential Vibration & Fluid Change

    I watched the video on how to change differential fluid, but the part that got only momentary mention was adding the new fluid. I have a 2002 AWD Mountaineer. It appears the fill plug is right above the larger drain plug. Having the spare tire in the way doesn't help. What's the best trick...