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    Check Gauge Light after Refueling

    This is on a 2003 Explorer XLT AWD 4.0L Whenever refueling the tank when near to empty (under 1/4 tank), the gauge will sit right where it was, even if filling the tank. Then about 5-10 minutes into driving, it will drop to empty and appear as if the gauge isn't working at all, the check gauge...
  2. J

    Transmission fluid level on 2003 Explorer?

    Yesterday I put my 2003 V6 Explorer on a lift to check the transmission fluid. I had it warmed up, checked transmission fluid temp on my scanner before removing the small inner plug with a T30 torx. This was the first time I've checked it since we recently bought this vehicle. When the plug...
  3. G

    Fors explorer v8 2005...check advtrac and abs lights on

    I have this 2005 ford explorer xlt v8. I just bought it. It has the check advtrac message and the sliddingcar symbol plus the abs symbol on the dash. Also the truck shakes when going like at 50mph and i apply brake. Can anybody tell me more about it? Can theshaking be related to the 4x4? I think...
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    Check Fuel Cap Light

    Hi all, for the past year or so I've been wrestling with my "check fuel cap" light. I've replaced the fuel cap around 3-4 times which fixed it for about a month each but the light still returns after then. It's driving me nuts because I hate seeing warning lights on my dash. Please let me...
  5. Bleeder screws with a built in check valve.

    Bleeder screws with a built in check valve.

    Motormite/Dorman/Help sell bleeder screws with a built in check valve to make bleeding the brake system a one person job.
  6. Double check the alignment of the hole.

    Double check the alignment of the hole.

    Don't drill a 1/4" hole until you check the alignment first.
  7. Check the thread with a die.

    Check the thread with a die.

  8. M

    Help me with check engine light please!

    My check engine light comes on every time i drive in my 94 X. It comes on after about 2 miles of driving and stays on until i turn my car off. then does it all over again when i drive somewhere else. i did a scan and got codes 335, 327, and 332. Don't know what to replace first. I was thinking...
  9. F

    2002 XLS died while driving. HELP!!!!

    Hello all and thanks in advance for any ideas on this! I have a 2002 ford explorer xls 4x4. It has 200k miles on it, rebuilt transmission at 100k, new altenator at 189k and battery tests good. Was driving down the express way in it doing 80mph when all of the sudden the truck made a...
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    I installed a Brand New BBK 66mm Throttle Body the other day. I get a rough idle and it stalls sometimes until it warms up. I get a check engine light on and it idles perfect, when the light goes off it idles rough again at about 500. I have a code reader and got the codes 998 PAUSE 157...