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chrome trim

  1. N

    Chrome Elimination

    Just joined but been coming here for a while for help. So thankful for this place. I've searched and found other similar posts here but most seemed to be unanswered. I've also searched youtube for videos on this but nothing found. I cannot stand chrome/silver so I'm eliminating it from my XLT...
  2. DeLeSaAZ

    2016 Explorer Chrome Trim Rust / Tarnish

    I've done some searches and I'm not finding what I'm looking for so I hope I'm not repeating this - but it sounds like something that would be common, so.... I have a 9 month old 2016 Explorer Limited. On the bottom of the door panels are slim chrome trim pieces, says Explorer on the front of...
  3. E

    96 Explorer XLT - where to find chrome trim along doors

    Hey guys, This is my first posting on the theres a ton of great info on here. My question is pretty simple and I didn't see much on it when I searched The thin chrome trim along my doors has fallen off over the years. Do I need a specific chrome trim from Ford or is it pretty...