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    Unhappy with black trim on sport?

    I guess I'm honestly kinda just wanting to see opinions on the black trim color for the Sport models. I have a 2016 sport that's bronze fire metallic and I'm just not a fan of the black grille and such. If it were a perfect world where I had loads of money, I'd probably switch everything over to...
  2. A

    Looking for Opinions on Painting Over Chrome

    Despite my X recently taking some abuse, I'm hoping to clean her up a little and maybe do some paint work as well. The big decision I'm wondering about is weither or not I should paint my chrome bumpers and trim black. I like the look of the black wheels, but I like the chrome accents and am...
  3. N

    Chrome Elimination

    Just joined but been coming here for a while for help. So thankful for this place. I've searched and found other similar posts here but most seemed to be unanswered. I've also searched youtube for videos on this but nothing found. I cannot stand chrome/silver so I'm eliminating it from my XLT...
  4. R

    Wondering about plasti-dipping 03 Limited chrome wheels

    Im new to the forum, but enjoying reading it so far. I was thinking about plasti-dipping the wheels on my 03 Explorer Limited. Mine has the chrome 17' wheels. I wanted to see if anyone else has had it done on these wheels, so i can get an idea of what they'd look like. Heres a pic of what mine...
  5. T

    Chrome Grill?

    Hey guys, I've been looking absolutely everywhere for this chrome grill (as seen in the pictures I found on the internet) does anyone know where to get it? Thanks for the help on the forum!
  6. P

    For Sale 18x9 Chrome Cobra Wheels for 3rd Gen Explorer w/ tires

    For sale 4 18x9 Chrome 03/04 Mustang Cobra wheels with 285/50 18 Nitto NT 404 tires. Tires have around 2,500 miles on them as they were ran for one summer on my 2005 Explorer XLT. Wheels are immaculate. They have no curb rash or scratches. Tires and wheels fit great and have no rubbing issues...
  7. D

    BATMAN Explorer

    This is my project. I am a female college student athlete aged 19. I got my truck when I was 15 and had big dreams lol, now they're finally coming true. Check by from time to time, comment and give your opinion on what I'm doing. SO FAR: 22" chrome star rims Chrome billet grille Z(upper...
  8. F

    Chrome trim.

    Hey, my 99 mounty has chrome trim around the grill area, right in the center top of tht trim peice a a air line thing, like an air bubble but in line form lol, and idk how to fix it, its not a huge deal but its bugs the heck out of me!
  9. S

    Chrome Gas Cap Question

    Hi there yesterday at about 5-6pm i put on my chrome gas cap held on with 3m tape. Just wondering is it okay to drive the car now its been like 18hours but it been raining for the last 8 hours. Do u think it bonded enough. Thanks
  10. S

    22" Rims

    hey what do you think of these thinking about getting them to put on my 08 explorer eb. tell me what you guys think thanks.
  11. S

    08 Explorer Chrome Fuel Door

    just wondering what ones you guys think look better. thanks AMI Fuel Door (Actual Replacement Not Stick On) Putco Fuel Door (3m Stick On)...
  12. S

    08 Explorer Remove Fuel Door

    hi there does anybody know how to remove the fuel door on an 08 ford explorer im going to replace with a chrome fuel door thanks
  13. S

    08 Explorer EB Billet Grille

    thinking about putting this grille on my 08 explorer eb tell me what you guys think.
  14. S

    Removal of Chrome Add-ons

    Hi there just wondering if i was to remove some of the chrome add-ons on my explorer how would you guys recommend doing it and would it wreck the paint or anything.
  15. S

    08 Explorer Ordered Some More Chrome Add-ons

    okay i just ordered chrome window sills 4 pcs and chrome gas cap for my 08 explorer. Hope i like it if i dont i will just take it off but it would be a waste of money. Might order pillar posts if i like window sills. heres a link to what i ordered. Windows Sills...
  16. S

    08 Explorer EB Chrome Pillar Posts

    Hi there what do you guys think of adding chrome pillars post on an 08 explorer eb. Please let me know thanks
  17. S

    08 Explorer Roof Rack Chrome Trim

    Hi there i have an 08 explorer eddie bauer and have the black roof rack and want to have the chrome ones like the limited explorer has. I have seen 06 explorers eddie bauer with chrome roof rack did they discontinue in 07-up or something. does anybody know where i can buy them or get a chrome...
  18. S

    2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer Added Chrome Mirrors And Side Vents

    Hi there you guys just added some chrome mirrors and side vents on my 08 eddie tell what you guys think thanks. I will also be adding chrome door handles soon.
  19. D

    Pictures of Mods...if anyone was thinking of doing these...

    :exp: Hey everyone: I've done some recent mods and just wanted to post some pix incase anyone was unsure of whether or not they like the look or not. Ive got the chrome bull-bar with offroad lights on the front. Also ordered the aftermarket ironman headlights and put them on. Also I...
  20. 9

    Does this come off?

    Here's the story. I let a buddy borrow my X to move his boat since his F150's trans took a dump. He scraped up against some rocks with that section of the bumper and tore off some of the the chrome plating, and now it looks like crap. I haven't gotten a chance to crawl under and look at it...
  21. Truck pics

    Truck pics

    New rear diff cover.
  22. Back side

    Back side

    My X's Ass
  23. '92 X Front w/clears and mesh

    '92 X Front w/clears and mesh

    Picture of my '92 X with clear lenses and mesh grill.