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    Intermittent click noise from from end - with video

    Hey folks, Hoping to use some collective experience and brainpower to diagnose an issue. I've done extensive searching about clicks and rattles coming from the front end, but nothing that quite describes this. Nothing seems broken, it's just driving me insane. But I finally got it audible on...
  2. T

    08 Explorer XLT 4x4 No Turn Signals, relay clicking

    hello everyone. I’m working on a friends explorer and I am having difficulty diagnosing a no turn signal problem. We have running lights, but no turn signals lights, and no low mount brake lights. The top mount brake light works. All bulbs are brand new. And the indicator lights on the...
  3. T

    1996 Explorer AC Clicking

    The AC will make a somewhat loud click about every 6 seconds. Every time it clicks the engine will slightly rev for a second whenever I'm idling. Here's a video of the AC under the hood.
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    Rear Suspension Noise

    Hello Everyone. if you are reading this, please let me know what you think. I have a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT with the 4.0 in it. Recently I was in a parking lot making a turn and I heard a clicking noise. IT mostly happens when turning, and not driving straight lines. I looked underneath, the...
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    Hi, I climbed under my Ford Explorer and hit the seloniod / starter with a rubber mallet a couple times...THEN I went back and turn-on the key and it starts-up everytime, LOL. Why does this work!? Although the neighbors get a real kick out seeing this play out, I'm a woman & sometimes I wear a...
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    any idea what this clicking noise is? (Video)

    Video 2: Video 3:
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    Transmission Stopped

    I have a 1997 Explorer RWD with automatic transmission. Recently I drove off from a stop light and once I reached 30 MPH I heard a faint "CLICK" after which the transmission disengaged and will not shift into any gear. It has plenty of fluid, and offered no warning at all before failing...
  8. J

    Bad starter?

    I know this is a common topic, and I have tried to read some other threads but don't see anything with exactly my situation. I have a 2003 Ford Explorer 4WD V6 Flex Fuel. I tried to start it earlier today, but it wouldn't turn over at all - just a 'click, click, click, click'. I was able to...
  9. M

    4x4 high button not working

    okay. so when i push the button it makes a clicking noise in the back left. but it doesnt actually go into 4h. can anyone help? please
  10. B

    Air Shocks on all Limited models / AWD whining noise normal?

    I got up under an explorer I'm fixing to buy to check out the air shocks. I didn't hear a pump kick on when I stood on the bumper while it was running, I got up under there to listen for a click while the key was turned (no click), I don't see any electrical or hoses running to the rear shocks...
  11. A

    Car wont start... clicking

    Drove home yesterday parked in front of my house went to get into my car ry to start it it started turning over and died. then ... CLick and kept clicking every time I tried it. Terminals were a little corroded so I went bought new ones. Click. Went to bed woke up this mroning...
  12. D

    Hating my explorer

    Bought an explorer this january used. its a 1993 eddie bauer edition. it ran great for awhile. unfortunately ran into a buttload of problems. First was losing heat during a bad blizzard season. replacing the heater core (of course after changing the coolant and having the water pump removed and...
  13. R

    Clicking / buzzing noise inside passenger side of dash

    I have a '96 Ford Explorer Limited, 4DR, 5.0 V8, not 4x4. Starting yesterday, it seems when the climate controls are activated I get a repetitive buzzing & clicking noise from inside the dash. It sounds like it is coming from the passenger side. I searched around the forums a little bit...