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clicking noise

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    2006 Explorer Clicking when trying to start after jump starting twice

    I've just acquired '06 Explorer when my guypal died several months back. Started it weekly (to move to cut grass and drove it only a little bit [because I was advised by long-time mechanic friend it needed tires]); then one week, mysteriously to me, when the key was turned, it was dead quiet...
  2. L

    Ticking sound on acceleration 2013 V6

    I recently went in for an oil change approx 1,000 miles ago and have noticed a ticking/clicking sound when accelerating in drive(I can not duplicate while in park). I checked the oil level and it's within the acceptable range. It is some what loud and definitely noticeable that it's coming from...
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    Driver Seat Clicking

    I got a new to me 2013 Explorer and quite shortly after purchase the driver seat started clicking, at times a lot. I know, the online "there's a click in my car" thread. But hopefully someone has experience. It's a electric leather heated seat. The click seems like it's coming from...
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    Windshield wipers stopped working and all I hear is a clicking noise

    My windshield wipers quit working on me and now I just hear a clicking noise. I live in WASHINGTON, need help ASAP. Lol I have tried to search the forums but have not had much luck with my problem. I still have fluid coming out and the rear windshield wipers work. I can't even move the wipers up...
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    2004 Explorer clicking noise then died, now won't start

    Hi folks! I had a clicking noise with a slight "eehhhhhhh" noise when idling and it got faster/louder when accelerating. I pulled over and turned off the car to check it out. The noise sounded like it was coming from the front where the top-right pulley is. Started back up and drove 2 blocks...
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    Hear a clicking sound? Read this.

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and figured I'd share one of my recent experiences in the hopes of helping one of you guys out. I recently had a noticeably loud clicking sound that varied with speed coming from the rear end. It didn't start until about 5mph and stopped around 20mph...
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    Starter clicking

    My 92 explorer is acting bi-polar. It runs and drives great except for three times over the last 2 days that when I went to start it it would only click. The battery that is in it is about 2 years old. The battery did run completely dead while I had the explorer parked for 6 months to do some...