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  1. M

    Hello :) Ticking / Clicking noise heard when rotating steering wheel

    I'm new to the forum and wanted to say Hello and also am curious about the problem I'm noticing on our 2017 Explorer XLT. When turning the steering wheel, I hear a ticking / clicking noise that sounds like maybe a clockspring issue in the steering column. I'm curious if anyone else has had a...
  2. M

    Intermittent click noise from from end - with video

    Hey folks, Hoping to use some collective experience and brainpower to diagnose an issue. I've done extensive searching about clicks and rattles coming from the front end, but nothing that quite describes this. Nothing seems broken, it's just driving me insane. But I finally got it audible on...
  3. D

    Why can't I find a new pair of CV Axles?

    Been searching for a week now. Ebay, AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, O'Reilly's, Amazon, RockAuto,and just google in general. WHY is it so hard to find replacement CV axles? I'm looking for front ones specifically. Someone please correct me if I'm not on the right track. This started because of...
  4. D

    Constant clicking noise from the right side of Explorer, sounded like something broke today .

    There's been a constant clicking on the right side of the vehicle when I drive it. It sounded like something broke today the clicking got louder and a horrible smell. Thought maybe there was a flat. Stopped got out looked, nothing visible. That I can see. Continue driving, clicking is still...
  5. T

    Non-Stop Door Locking Issue - SecuriCode?

    Hey All... new to the forum. Hopefully someone can help me with this, as days of googling and research has gotten me nowhere. Car started automatically locking a couple weeks ago. While driving the car doors just started locking non stop (click, click, click, click). They intermittently lock...
  6. A

    Help! 07 Mountaineer. Seats move, sometimes won't start

    Hi. I just bought this used car. First I noticed that I can be driving and my seat will move positions. I can handle that. But then my airbag light came on. It does go off sometimes. Then 2 days ago my car wouldn't start. It made it loud clicking noise. It seemed to make noises in the dash and...
  7. T

    1996 Explorer AC Clicking

    The AC will make a somewhat loud click about every 6 seconds. Every time it clicks the engine will slightly rev for a second whenever I'm idling. Here's a video of the AC under the hood.
  8. SavaX

    Front end passenger side click/clack noise

    Hey everyone, figured I'd post here before tearing my front end apart trying to figure out where this noise is coming from. It's also raining so I have time to do some research :) A few thousand miles ago I had my front hubs replaced as they were making a loud droning noise at freeway speeds...
  9. D

    heater inoperable

    Good afternoon all, I have been watching these forums quite a bit and have a massive collection of useful information that has saved me a ton of time. Now however I have an issue that is not covered (that I can find). I recently replaced my tensioner assembly and my idler pulley to get rid...
  10. A

    Loud clicking 2002 mounty awd

    Need help please!! I have a 2002 mounty awd 4.0 113,000 miles on it, just got it a month ago. Noticed a loud clicking coming from the front left sounds like when going up on a roller coaster. When I speed up the noise get faster and when stopping it clicks until at a complete stop. So I put it...
  11. E

    Clicking Sound in Center Dash

    When I start my ford explorer I get a click click click click click click sound from what it seems The Center counsoul of The dash, then it stops and a bit of time later it does it again. Any ideas? 1997 Ford Explorer {EB ed.} Thanks, Brian
  12. J

    Newbie with non starting FEST (Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2001)

    Hi everybody, I've got what appear to be some electrical problems any idea of where to start looking in forums here? Thanks
  13. D

    04 clicking

    I have an 04 xlt thats clicks from under a panel in the trunk can someone please tell me what this is and how to fix it
  14. C

    clicking under the dash and no start?

    hey guys. so the other day i was wiring in a electric fan and when i finished up my truck wouldnt start. i jump started it and it started fine. i let it run for thirty mins and when i turned it back off it wouldnt start again. so i tried to jump start it again but this time nothing? not even the...
  15. M

    Noisy Engine - 1997 Ford Explorer

    Help! Trying to figure out what this noise is coming from my engine! The SUV has a small coolant leak and the check engine light comes on periodically, but other than that it has been running pretty well until this noise started a few days ago I took a short video using my iphone to capture...
  16. S

    Starter Hell

    Can't figure this one out. New battery, new relay, starter load tested good, still get the "click, click, click." Any ideas?
  17. BigRondo

    How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex.

    This is my how to for replacing the blend door actuator on the 3rd Gen Ex. The Blend Door Actuator controls the hot/cold temperature in the vehicle, not where the air is blowing from or fresh air/recirculated air. While researching this issue I found several discussions, but no definitive how...
  18. H

    clicking in low and high 4x4 when turning.

    i have a stock 91 xlt. im trying to figure out what this sound is. if im turning on a trail or something and i have it in either 4x4 option it makes a loud pop noise. not alot but once. it seems like it is maybe popping out and back in to 4x4. please help!!!!
  19. C

    Engine Clicking

    I have a 94 ford explorer sport and when i drive it for a while or race someone with it afterwords my engine starts making a quiet clicking sound or kinda like drops of water coming out of a sink at first i thought i was burning my oil or something but no burning smell it doesnt seem to affect...
  20. M

    Clicking while accelerating

    I drive a 1991 2-Door Manual Explorer. I was driving around the other day with a buddy and we rolled down the windows. This was when I started to hear a clicking noise as I accelerate. It usually happens in first or 2nd gear, but really as long as I am above 2500 RPM's I can hear it. It is not...
  21. J

    Need Help: Problems Starting My X

    Hi All, Relatively new to the forum. I've used it before to fix my 4x4 using the washer fix. Now I have a new problem. Recently the batter on my 94 has been draining very quickly. I don't drive it much as I live in the city, but would have to jump it every time I drove it (usually sat...