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climate control

  1. D

    A/C and heater problems

    A/C wasn’t blowing very hot, my friend who’s more experienced in A/C said we should add Freon. So we did and as we were putting it in, the engine started to slow down and almost die then click and go back up while idling. The words of my friend who, knows more about A/C since I’m clueless says...
  2. M

    Bulbs for Climate Control Backlight - 06 Explorer XLT

    There are 2 lights that provide the backlight for the 3 climate control knobs on the 2006 Explorer XLT. Both of mine have gone out. There are no markings but they have a blue plastic base that is rectangular on bottom. I've searched the web and have not found anything yet. Does anyone here have...
  3. F

    Rear Climate Control Cuts Out...Ford Unable To Diagnose

    Hello, I’m new here but have searched on this forum frequently. I have a 2016 Explorer XLT (stock no modifications) and the rear climate cuts out intermittently. It seems to do it most during the summer when it’s hot (80-100 degrees outside). I have had this issue since purchasing the car new in...
  4. M

    06 mountaineer hvac illumination stays on

    Hi, I have a 2006 Mountaineer with the 4.0. My problem is that the climate control illumination stays on at all times, even when the vehicle is off. This causes the battery to drain after about 9 hours. Also, when the headlights are on and the dimmer wheel is in certain positions, a buzzing...
  5. S

    2016 Explorer Remote Start Climate Behavior

    Hi all, I have a 2016 Explorer Sport with factory included remote start. I always leave the climate settings in auto mode for remote start. When I remote start it in the hot summers here (100F+), the climate control on the remote start is useless. It does not cool worth a damn. The front vents...
  6. D

    02 Explorer XLT A/C controls not functioning

    Searched threads to no avail, sorry if this is duplicate post. 02 Explorer, 107K Miles. Recently replaced a/c clutch & recharged system. The "air direction" dial has been a little finicky since I got it at 102K miles. A week ago, a seal blew somewhere in the system (I have yet to find where)...
  7. P

    No Heat Passenger Side

    HVAC issue here. Can someone describe how this system operates for me please. I have dual zone climate control, the passenger side does not get any heat. Do I need to look for a coolant flow regulator, or a blend door actuator? What could prevent the passenger zone from getting heat? I am...
  8. Rick

    List of Useful Threads A/C & Heater forum's best threads

    How to: Quick and Easy 2nd gen Blend Door Replacement Tutorial 2nd Gen NO AC ( or heat) FROM VENTS!!! A "How to" what to look for thread My 1st Gen Heater Core Replacement Diary How to: Flush, R&R compressor, accumulator, and orfice tube 95 Converting an R-12 Air Conditioner to use R-134a...
  9. K

    Preparing Radio/Climate Bezel

    This is one of the radio bezel that I have and thought I would test out on this one. I had my wife take pictures of the process. I have only used 2 light coats of the plastic primer. I think the paint came out really good. Before I paint this practice bezel, I think I am going to do some pin...
  10. O

    Thermometer on Climate Control Panel

    First and foremost thanks to everyone for your contributions to this site. It's saved me a lot of money in repairs and time in diagnostics. Was wondering if anyone could give some help with this question. I have a 2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, with the standard radio and climate control...
  11. M

    2002 Ford Explorer Blend Door Plastic Clip Broken Solution

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer and my climate control switch (the one that changes from air conditioner, defrost, heat, etc) would only blow out of the A/C vents regardless of what was selected. After a visit to a mechanic (who quoted me over $900.00 to fix), multiple visits to the parts store...
  12. S

    Auto Climate Control has a mind of its own

    I have the automatic climate control module in my 02 Explorer. When running the heat/ac, the buttons that direct where the airflow should come from (foot, dash, defrost) do not work, however the air cycles on its own amongst the various zones. Has anyone heard of this before and if so do you...
  13. W

    Upgrading Climate Control

    I have a 2004 XLT with the simple 3 knob Climate control. I was wanting to upgrade the climate control to the digital and dual zone. I doubt I can just change out the climate controller with this. CAn anyone tell me if this is possible and what it all might consist of? Thanks Billy
  14. albi1cnobi1

    For Sale EATC Climate Controls

    I have for sale the parts needed to convert a 2nd gen Explorer or Mountaineer from manual climate controls to the EATC found on EB's, Limited's, and Premier's. I'm asking $75 shipping included. I have the control unit, the motor speed controller, blend door actuator and sensors. The only thing...
  15. W

    Wanted 2000 eddie baurer 5.0 liter climate control dash panel

    hey i was recently a victim of theft the theives got my head unit, subs, amp...etc.....anyways they got the whole front panel. it controls my back wiper blades its the panel surrounding the radio (climate control panel i think).... can someone out there please help me locate another one!!!
  16. M

    1996 XLT with climate control problems.

    My Explorer climate control will only provide AC when the selector is set to AC/MAX and there is not temperature control. Only max cold regardless of where the temp control is set. When the climate control is set to any other setting it will blow HOT air only regardless of where the Temp...
  17. S

    heater not blowing hot air

    Ok here is the low down of what has happened. I bought new spark plug wires and in the process of replacing them I had to move to heater hoses around a little bit to get the wires situated. After i got all the wires replaced and i took it for a test drive i noticed the heater wasnt working now...
  18. C

    convert Normal AC/ controls to Digital Climate Control

    I have a problem with my 1998 Explorer XLT A/C controls, it doesnt cool, it seems that the dash a/c controls dont work only the heaters, and that i have to get a new one. What part # do i have to search for. Also a buddy of mine has a 97 Ford Explorer that he doesn't use, that has the...
  19. J

    Blower motor continually on even with key off.

    A couple of weeks ago, I turned my car off and the blower stayed on. I still have the temp fluctuations with the climate control, but the blower is on full time. I cannot turn the fan down and have been having to disconnect the battery everytime I stop for an extended period. Please help.
  20. S

    Climate control died today!!

    This morning the climate system in my '01 Explorer Sport was working perfectly.... until I jumped in for the commute home, which is when I noticed that the heater was not working. I pulled over, restarted the car... still nothing. I tried the AC.... nothing. I still hear the "clicks"...