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    temporarily lost communication with the climate system

    My 2011 Ford explorer , shows this MSG on the screen "temporarily lost communication with the climate system" cant operate the AC as nothing works And hot air starts blowing from the vent. any idea what might be the issue Thanks
  2. S

    02 EB Dual Climate ZERO heat

    I am going to be breaking into the dash this weekend to identify if it is the blender door on the passenger side or the Heating core... before I get started I'd like to have parts on hand vs go seeking. 1.) what is the best way to identify if the issue is blender door vs heater core...
  3. T

    Automatic Climate Control - Fan Speed

    Just curious if anyone else has this or knows if something can be done to remedy this. It hit 97 degrees today and I jumped in my 2015 Explorer Limited with Black Interior which was facing the sun (Needless to say it was pretty warm in there). I always have it set to 'Auto' for the Climate...
  4. P

    07 Explore with electronic climate Hot Drivers side Cold Pasenger Side

    2007 Explorer Hot air drivers side / Cold Air Passenger Side Eddie Bauer Electronic climate control When I turn on heat for both sides, air is hot on drivers side but cold on passenger side. Same issue presents regardless of whether defrost, vent or floor is selected. Now that its cold...
  5. H

    Air Conditioner and Phone questions

    So we have had our new Explorer two days. When I say we, I mean my wife ;) But she knows I've been on this site a lot and have been able to help her with questions she's had so far but these are two that I'm not finding anything from my searches. First one is when she get's in the...
  6. M

    eddie bauer/limited steering wheel on 02 xls

    I would like to get a steering wheel from an eddie bauer or limited explorer to put in my 02 xls. I want to do this so I can use the radio buttons on the wheel, and the climate controls as well, if I can. Are the wires there to do this, and if not would it be difficult? Also, can I remove my...
  7. C

    convert Normal AC/ controls to Digital Climate Control

    I have a problem with my 1998 Explorer XLT A/C controls, it doesnt cool, it seems that the dash a/c controls dont work only the heaters, and that i have to get a new one. What part # do i have to search for. Also a buddy of mine has a 97 Ford Explorer that he doesn't use, that has the...
  8. G

    Blend door challenges

    I have a 2002 Explorer with manual climate controls. I noticed that the defog wasn't working well so did some digging. I discovered that the servo motor that controls the blend door (has the yellow vacuum line) worked but the plastic linkage that goes from the servo inside the plenum box was...