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  1. J

    Transmission clunk(metal on metal) when when first shifting from 1st into 2nd gear

    Hello, I have a 2005 ford explorer 4.0. it has 195k miles on it and i assume the second transmission in it (but I don't really know, i just read that those 5r55s transmissions blow up at about 135k miles). I did 3 pan drops and fills and had to replace the solenoid pack. My transmission makes a...
  2. M

    Transmission Downshift Clunks

    So this has been a problem that's been going on for about a week now, had it to a shop to get the transmission fluid and filter changed, which definitely improved shifting, but did not resolve these clunks. This is on an automatic 2003 explorer xlt with the 5 speed. Here's what's happening...
  3. R

    98 Ford Explorer clunks over bumps

    I have a 98 explorer v8 and recently it started making noises in the front end. I did upper and lower ball joints and wheel bearings a year ago. I can barely go over any bump in the road without hearing a clunk. It's not at turns its just over bumps. I'm lost and need a little help. It doesn't...
  4. M

    Dieseling - bad fuel smell - smoke - fast start

    So a problem that has recently been growing worse with my truck... When I turn it on, it either takes a few "vavavavava*VROOM*" to turn on... Or it turns on super fast.... Like "vaVROOM". If it turns on fast, the idle is gross.... Very clunky, and driving fees like driving down a bumpy...
  5. S

    front end clunk

    1992 Explorer XLT, just replaced the transfer case shift motor and 4x4 "works" but when driving it intermittently clunks hard when accelerating, braking and driving over 30km/h. It doesn't seem to be getting any worse just more annoying. I figure it could be a seized u-joint but i wonder what...
  6. G

    Harsh shift after replacing transmission

    Hey guys, You've always been a lot of help with all my posts on here and it's time for another one. I really, really want to ditch my Explorer because it is such a p.o.s but I'm stuck with it due to being cash strapped. It is a 2002 Limited, 4.6L V8, 3.73 LS rear, AWD. I have a hard shift...
  7. R

    Still have P0741 after replacing TCC solenoid

    Hi all, been a while since I've been around, (put a mustang motor in my 98 explorer, rebuilt rear end etc. with a lot of help from this site). Now I have an issue with the 5r55e (code D) transmission. The o/d off light started flashing and it clunked as it went below 20mph while slowing down...
  8. N

    any idea what this clicking noise is? (Video)

    Video 2: Video 3:
  9. B

    2001 sport mystery noises

    I have a 2001 ex sport and I have two mysterious noises that no one can solve. I've been to the stealership several times with no results. 1. When I'm turning corners or certain road conditions where there is left to right body movement I hear a pop sound on the drivers side. It sounds almost...
  10. T

    98 limited awd clunk on slow right turn

    I am getting a popping/clunk on turning at slow speeds (usually r turns.) It feels like something is binding then releases. This car has 230k, but new diff, new transfer case, new upper and lower control arms and ball joints, new cv shafts (including front diff), new sway bushings and etc...
  11. D

    New member here, need some help 97 xplr sport

    hello everyone, i need some help with some problems i'm having with my 97' explorer sport trac. The main problem im trying to deal with right now is something to do with the front suspension/axle region of the vehicle. this problem is very evident sometimes but not ALL the time. It seems...
  12. C

    Help... EPC Solenoid causing 2-3 Flare??

    This is my first time posting here, so hopefully my post ends up in the right place and follows protocol... it's a little long, sorry: I have a 1996 Explorer 4wd (4R55E) with 187K. I just got the truck 2 weeks ago and the replaced the engine with great results... I have no history on the...
  13. M

    Clunk coming from front of 98 Mountaineer

    I have a stock 98 Mountaineer that has a clunk that starts when turning and as I accelerate it gets louder and more frequent until about 15mph and then it "stops." I replaced the front driveshaft last fall. It does not seem to affect the power or hinder the motion. Could it maybe be the axle?
  14. H

    Few problems with my baby (Clunk noise, Hum noise, Gas gauge)

    So I have a few problems with my 96 explorer that I recently bought. Which happens to also be my first car :) My first problem is when going over bumps I hear a clunking noise that seems to be coming from the front drivers side of my car. (very annoying) Second problem is when driving around...
  15. K

    2002 AWD Mountaineer Question

    I have noticed an odd noise, perhaps described as a clunk, when driving fairly fast on partially snowpacked highways. It doesn't do it on totally snowpacked lanes, or on clear lanes, just when its patchy. It feels like the AWD sensors are confused and trying to make all the wheels get...