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clutch problems

  1. M

    97 Sport 5-speed clutch

    So here's what happened: -Losing clutch fluid beneath bell housing, (slave Cyl I assume). -Bled through the slave bleeder valve a reservoir of Lucas power steering stop leak, followed by 3 flushes of DOT3. Leak immediately stopped for about 3 months. -Clutch pedal starts to...
  2. 5spdman

    clutch pedal shouldn't go to the floor.....

    fellow enthusiasts, i need your help!! okay, so just in the last week, my clutch pedal has wanted to go nearly to the floor before it does anything; feels like there's no pressure at all....and then it'll do something, but it's hard to change in it today, and it was almost...
  3. C

    Clutch Slave Cylinder Only Lasting A Couple Years

    '93 Ranger, 4.0L-OHV, 5spd, 4X4 Well, pretty much what the title says. I bought the truck, about 4 years ago, with a bad slave cylinder, amongst other things. It had sat at a shop for a couple of years, due to the prior owner not paying the repair bills. So, anyway, I had a "professional"...
  4. R

    clutch pedal hard as a rock!! HELP !! :(

    Long story short, new clutch assembly, including flywheel installed last July... parked truck in mid September last year due to engine issue...just got back up and running :), drove it about 40 miles or so last night, and it drove great, clutch felt fine, shifted with no issues.... Went to...
  5. R

    Clutch intermitently will not or slowly engages

    I have replaced the clutch and pilot bearing in my 1997 Ford Ranger with a 2.3 liter 5 speed overdrive manual transmission. The problem is intermittently the clutch pedal does not fully depress and bottoms out hard and short and the clutch lightly engages. If I slightly push the clutch pedal in...
  6. F

    Im new here xD

    So i found this site really helpful and everytime i got problem with my explo this shows up and i got the same problems with all peoples in here btw thanks to this sitexD and to all people who answers the question in here:) But i got problem with my 94 ford explorer manual.. Every time i...
  7. A

    Clutch Ford Explorer

    I do own a FOrd Explorer 1997 maunal transmission. I am the third owner, since I had it I have changed the clutch plate twice. The problem I have with the vehicle is that pressing the clutch down is very hard when changing gears. Can I get some advice on what the problem could be?:exp:
  8. A

    i need ur help

    I have a 93 Ford explorer , manual transmission. Yesterday I was driving her and all of a sudden I went to downshift and could not shift into gear, it wouldn't let me shift into any gear but reverse. When I let out on the clutch in neutral you could hear a winning noise which would go away...
  9. D

    Lost 5th Gear After New Clutch & Slave Cylinder

    Had some work done on my 1997 Ford Explorer 5 Speed Manual 4WD, slave cylinder had been going bad and went! New clutch kit, new slave cylinder, flywheel resurfaced, they had problems bleeding the system, but they said it was "fixed" The clutch felt a lot different!! Hard to push...