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  1. S

    Help diagnose random misfire

    Hey all, Been a while since I've been on here, but you've helped me in the past so why not try again. My 96 4.0 was running great with almost 150k on it. I went to dinner one night and stopped by my buddies house on my way home. When I started it up, could almost immediately tell is was...
  2. G

    Transmission tcc solenoid

    Hi, first time posting my question is my 01 sport Trac ran great for years then all of a sudden I pulled into the driveway but when I got back in my truck maybe 3 hours later I started my truck and it started to idle bad like it was running on 4 cylinders I put it in reverse same thing put in...
  3. S

    New Member... 08 Mountaineer Driving me NUTS

    Hey yall... so I have a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer with 180k miles on it. She runs GREAT! But this "Check fuel inlet" message that keeps showing up on my dash board every time it rains, is driving me insane. Does anyone know how to make it stop? Ive tried cleaning it out and all but it still does...
  4. mfitz725

    Code confusion

    My 94 Exp was giving codes 172 and 176. I replaced the o2 sensors and now get 172 and 214. Can anyone help me?
  5. V

    Multiple codes

    Have a 96 Explorer with a 5.0 It has codes P0446, P0133, P0141, P0307, P0174, 588-back bank2, 538-front bank 2, 673-back bank 1 and 374-front bank-1. O2 sensors were replaced last week and everything was running fine. Yesterday, a fuse blew and was fixed this AM it drove fine for about a 45...
  6. M

    KOEO test

    Having trouble with my 94 4.0 . Idles rough (when it runs) and when I ran codes recently I got 114, 116, 335, 715 and 815. The first two I believe are because the engine was cold ( won't start). But I have replaced the plugs, wires, coil pack, Crankshaft position sensor and tested the ignition...
  7. R

    06 SOHC V6 4.0 bank 1 misfires

    Been trying to get to the bottom of a bank 1 misfire. Actual codes are for cylinders 1, 2, 3, and random misfire. All happening at different times. Car seems to run fine until 45-50 mph and trying to accelerate, maybe somewhat of a lumpy idle, and/or odd lumpy acceleration. Doesn't feel as...
  8. R


    Are there any codes for either a bad IAC or bad EVAP?
  9. M

    New to the forum/engine loping/trouble codes

    Hi, my name is Mark and I'm located outside of new orleans in louisiana. I recently picked up a 94 explorer eddie bauer edition for $300 bucks. the truck had misfires real bad when i got it, turned out the guy that changed the plugs and wires before me didn't have his wires going to the...
  10. F

    pcm questions

    I have 99 explorer sport with an sohc recently converted to manual with the m50d. Ive tried leaving the solenoids plugged in to fool the pcm but the tranny codes always come back. my question is which model/year fords will have a pcm that will be plug and play? ive been told that a 2001 ranger...
  11. D

    Multiple ABS Codes

    I finally found someone to scan and find my ABS codes.. 8 years later. Anyway, here's what I got: C1185 - ABS Power Relay Output Circuit Failure C1155 - Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Input Circuit Failure C1096 - Pump Motor Open Circuit Basically, where should I start? I know the...
  12. C

    Code p0402

    I'm new to the explorer world. Just bought a 1996 302 awd. It's got 139,xxx miles on it. I hooked up my scanner to it and it had code p0402 (egr flow excessive) so I decided to replace the egr valve and the egr vacuum solenoid in hope to get rid of the code. Hooked my scanner back up and erased...
  13. M

    Replace PCM, Readiness codes not set after 2 weeks

    I can't get an emissions certificate. I had a failed PCM replaced at the Ford dealer over 2 weeks ago. I have about 5 sensors that are failing readiness set. Is there some special driving cycle I need to go thru to get the sensors to go to ready? 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 2-wheel drive 4.0L
  14. G

    DTC Codes explorer 2013

    where i can get the complete list os dtc codes for my explorer 2013 or you can help me whith the U3000 and U0145, i have my ABS light on and track control system on all the time, thaks Goran Vranicic
  15. J

    Check Engine Light

    I recently inherited a 98 mountaineer with the check engine light on. It threw the codes: P1151, P0153, P0155. I put about 100 miles on it and the fuel gauge got stuck on full. The battery also drained over two days, so I think there is a short somewhere. Any help would be greatly...
  16. W

    CEL Codes I got!

    I have a 1995 Ford Explorer Expedition. Check Engine light has been coming on for years, and the bulb finally burned out about a year ago! Well I replaced the bulb today and finally use the wire trick to get my codes. Here is what I got the first time, (KOEO) 111 327 631 327 631 1 327 327...
  17. E

    Eddie Bauer EGR/EVR Issue

    Okay, I posted a thread a while back on a rough idling problem. Thought I had it fixed, but apparently the car thinks otherwise. I keep pulling codes every few times I do something to it and the codes have gone from a consistent 332 to a consistent 335. These codes will not quit, they keep...
  18. N

    codes, codes and more codes

    so im having some real trouble figuereing whats wrong with my explorer. during a koeo test i get a code 22. but during the koer test i get the codes 12, 13, 21, 32, 64, i used to get a 66 but i replaced my MAF so i no longer get that code. i have also replaced the O2 sensor. when i start her up...
  19. F

    No voltage from ANY o2 sensors

    So I have a 98 Explorer, 4.0L OHV, VIN X (from Canada), 130,000 mi. Rough idle CEL on and off for a few months. So found a vacuum leak under the air plenum changed the intake gaskets, rebuilt injectors, new plugs. Still rough idle. Checked the IAT sensor, no continuity, replaced. Still rough...
  20. B

    door jam codes?

    I was looking at my explorer's door jam sticker and I want to know what my spring code is. It says "w u" under the spring column.
  21. J

    MIL is not illuminating.

    :p: So, I purchased this used '96 XLT from a "honest-looking" farmer. I didn't notice that a portion of the paneling had been opened and won't close on the bottom left of the steering wheel. Then, I notice that my tempature gage won't work. It barely registers after running for awhile. After...
  22. S

    Idle Problem

    hey guys my 02 mountaineer 4.6 has an idle issue. i just replaced my TPS and it still idles high around 1500-2500 rpm...mostly 2500 rpm. strange thing is that i took off my new TPS while the engine was still running, and left it plugged in...just took the mounting bolts off and took it off the...
  23. L

    Misfires w/ rough idle + gas in oil? HELP!

    :mad: I am having TONS of trouble with my 2002 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 and need help. I have already checked the codes and get: P0301 P0302 P0303 and P0174. I have also had the ignition coil tested and its fine. The CEL flashes when the engine has warmed up. Mostly after sitting at a light for...
  24. M

    Help! I've got codes! 565 and 157 Poor gas mileage. :(

    Ok, I need some advice. About 700 miles after running the poor girl on the Dyno, I have noticed my MPG has dropped. I finally got a CEL yesterday and pulled the codes today. Codes: 565 - Canister Purge 1 Selenoid/Circuit failure 157 - Mass Airflow is Low or Grounded My plan is to...
  25. T

    Full Throttle or Idle

    New member here. Since the purchase of my mountaineer I have been exploring the Explorer forums for a couple of months and have found many useful tips on my MACH Audio, door locks, and some other things. Many thanks to all who have made this possible. Now for some fun, Codes Codes. Left side...