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  1. N

    Spark plug resistance comparison

    On this chart I showed the readings from motorcraft, Taylor and cheap duralast (AutoZone) wires. I found the high resistance of the duralast wires was causing a very hard to diagnose idle missfire. These readings are in thousands of ohms. I inspected the plugs, no indication of fouling with 270k...
  2. O

    New Wires and Plugs, Will not turn Over

    Hi all I’m new to the forum and I’m happy I found y’all because a lot of older posts have already answered my other questions. I put in a new coil, spark plug wires and spark plugs in my 1999 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 OHV. The stock plugs were heavily corroded and rusted along with the wiring...
  3. A

    1994 Explorer Knocking/Clacking affected by Coil #6

    I have a neglected '94 Explorer with a 4.0 OHV engine, my brother and I are rebuilding. My issue appeared after fixing warped heads. A loud, almost a tin can clacking sound started somewhere on the drivers side of the engine. We've also changed spark plugs, wires and the ignition coil, but...
  4. J

    Coil Wiring harness question

    So I've owned my 04' Sport Trac Adrenalin for 6 years now and have done all my own maintenance including plugs/wires, oil changes, transfer case swap, winterizing, etc. Today I was under the hood trying to diagnose my AC System and found something odd. I pulled on a piece of conduit that...
  5. R

    Blowing coil packs.

    2007 explorer limited 4.0. chk eng light code primary coil 2 or 3. Rough idle at stop. Cuts out intermittent or poor acceleration, ac would stop blowing cold then come back on. Coil pack keep failing with crack. Repair shop said they found faulty broken wire at coil. Repaired, ran fine 1 day...
  6. M

    Quit running and won't start

    Hi Guys... Wife was driving the 2001 Sport Trac and it started to lose power, then stopped running. I checked it out and when I try and start it, it produces a rythmic clicking sound. Checked the battery and terminals and it appears the car is getting sufficient power... never did this before...
  7. T

    No Spark on Rebuilt 4.0

    Howdy, so I've become relatively well versed with the 4.0 SOHC, I ripped one out of my brother's sport trac (2001) and I put it in my sport trac (also 2001). Mine had the very very common timing chain issue where they simply get loose and also my transmission was barely staying into gear on the...
  8. B

    2007 Ford Explorer blowing fuse #43 (coil) when accelerating

    Hi everybody! My 2007 Ford Explorer XLT (6 cyl, 114k miles) often blows fuse #43 when I accelerate hard or medium-hard from a stop -- causing the coil to lose power and the vehicle to stall, often in a busy intersection, which is fun. I can go a few days without blowing a fuse if I accelerate...
  9. E

    Need advice on 2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4WD

    A few months ago my Explorer started hesitating at 45-50 mph. Below or above that it cruised fine. I took it to F last month to get it checked out when it seemed to get worse (hesitating more at lower speeds, especially uphill). They said it was the transmission. I took it to my transmission...
  10. C

    Easy Tune-Up Question!

    Hello! Easy question, since I've owned my Explorer (5 years), I have yet to change the ignition coil pack. I am in the process of ordering everything for a nice OEM Motorcraft tune-up & am curious as to whether that is something that should be done or not. I don't have any issues with my...
  11. M

    Possible bad rear strut? (picture)

    Hi all, I've been hearing a strange metal popping sound coming from the rear suspension ever since I took my car to the garage to have a bolt drilled out (front sway bar bushing bracket). It sounded like a spring to me but honestly it could be anything. Here's a picture of the strut in...
  12. 1

    Wanted - Flex Rear Coil Springs

    I'm looking for the rear stock coil springs off a 2014 Ford Flex AWD/Ecoboost. Both should be part # DA8Z5560C
  13. 1

    Why does my ignition relay keep blowing?

    Truck info. 91 Stock with the older wiring schematic that has the BAP. The Haynes book shows 91 but not the 91 I have. Must of been from the first half. This morning I had my 91 explorer idling to hookup a trailer. As I was walking to the back of the truck, it shuts off. So I went back to...
  14. M

    One and six not firing.

    Bought this 97 Explorer two door. Auto zone diagnostic show 1 and 6 not firing. The people who sold it were very honest and said its missing and we dont know. Their friends replaced the wires, plugs and coil. I bought a new coil just in case. Still missing. Very consistent...
  15. K

    2004 Ford Explorer XLS sporadic misfire on all cylinders

    Please someone help! It only does this at Idle. My mechanic has checked/changed fuel trim, plugs, coil pack, wires, timing chain, fuel pressure, fuel filter, etc..the basic stuff you would think of. I took it to the dealer today and had the PCM flashed with the latest software as he thought that...
  16. S

    06 Explorer 4.6L sputters in over-drive

    All...I'm new to this forum, but hoping someone can help out or may have had a similar issue and can share their experience. I have a 2006 Explorer 4.6L with 84K miles. At around 74K miles it began stuttering when I was in over-drive going anywhere from 45 - 65 mph and usually up a slite...
  17. S

    06 Explorer 4.6L sputter and hesitates in OD

    All...I'm new to this forum, but hoping someone can help out or may have had a similar issue and can share their experience. I have a 2006 Explorer 4.6L with 84K miles. At around 74K miles it began stuttering when I was in over-drive going anywhere from 45 - 65 mph and usually up a slite...
  18. Suicide77

    Threading the Coil - Upper Coil Bucket Qestion

    I've never installed coils before and would like advice on how far to thread the upper end of the coil into the bucket. 90 degrees past the tab? 180? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  19. T

    Coil spring spacers question

    I have some 2 inch coil spring spacers that i want to put on my 1992 4x4 explorer today. Do i have to use a coil spring compressor tool? id like to not use one if i can
  20. E

    Wanted Camburg coil buckets w/ shock mounts

    Howdy all, I'm looking for a pair of Camburg coil buckets with shock mounts for my 92' Explorer Sport. Down the line I plan to pick up some heimed radius arms, and cut/turned beams, with some eibach coils... but that's down the line. Thanks. -Rick
  21. C

    For Sale 03 Struts

    I'm swapping out my struts this weekend for a new set of Rancho quick lift Loaded Struts. The struts have 96K miles on them and appear to be in half decent shape. None of the coils are broken and none of the shocks are blown. If anyones interested in them, shoot me an email.
  22. J

    Coil Issues

    I have a 1996 Explorer Sport with the 4.0, and it keeps giving me an error code about a misfire in cylinder3. I pulled off the wire from that plug and inserted a new plug in the wife holding it to metal to see how strong the spark was...weak. I tried the same thing to cylinder 1 and it seemed...
  23. M

    Ignition Systems: COP vs. Wastespark vs. DIS

    It's been a while since I've posted anything good on here and after thumbing through a few recent questions about ignition and what parts to use and why I thought I'd take a step back and truly explain ignition. After understanding it you can be able to choose for yourself what parts will work...
  24. C

    2006 Mountaineer firing order & cylinder misfire.

    I have a 2006 mountaneer which seams to miss fire when I am around 50mph. This cause me to repair my transmission, which by the way cost me $3400 about two weeks ago. Again, the same problem is happening and I do believe it is the coil or something that is causing this. Can anyone help?
  25. O

    1989 Ford Aerostar 3.0L EFI Weak Spark

    1989 Ford Aerostar, 3.0L, V6, EFI, has a distributor and one coil. Started just fine. Was backing out of my space, went 15 ft roughly, slowed down, preparing to shift into drive, engine died. Will crank, fuel pump working. Starting fluid no help. Pulled random spark plug wire, used old plug...