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cold air

  1. S

    Heater works sometimes

    2009 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 200412 miles Heater only works sometimes. If there is a loud flapping/clacking sound coming from the lower part of the center of the dash, then I know the blower will blow hot air. If the sound is a light clicking or no sound at all, it blows air that same temperature...
  2. K

    Getting cold air on drivers side floorboard - 2016 xlt

    hello! i have a 2016 xlt. Since new, i get cold air on drivers side floorboard. Been to the shop numerous times for troubleshooting. And they can never ‘reproduce’ the problem. I’m thinking it’s possibly a missing plug somewhere in the firewall. The cold air seems to come from higher in the...
  3. SixPonies

    For Sale K&N Cold Air Intake For 2006-2010 Explorer, 2007-2010 Sport Trac

    SOLD! K&N 77-2573KP Air Intake (polished Aluminum pipe). Fits 2007-2010 Sport Trac V8 and 2006-2010 Explorer/Mountaineer V8.
  4. K

    Heater Control Valve 101 Please

    Hi. I had an engine swap recently. I went with the lowest price for the install and now I find myself trouble shooting everything he either broke or didn't reconnect. Anyway, since its starting to get cool in the mornings, I notice the heat on the passenger side blows cold air. When I...
  5. T

    Cold Air Intake Cheap!

    Has anyone ever tried this product? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BCP-BLUE-01-03-Explorer-Ranger-B4000-4-0-V6-Cold-Air-Intake-Induction-Kit-Filter-/140643941228?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item20bf083b6c#ht_3787wt_1163 Is there anything missing that I would need to make it...
  6. T

    intake setup

    alright guys. dont know awhole lot on this stuff so looking for some insight. wanting to do the cold air intake from K&N for my 4.6 and this throttle body off a mustang...
  7. 9

    Cold Air Intake.

    i have a first gen explorer and im wondering how to do a cold air intake on it. ive seen pics but none are very good. do i have to modify the hood at all is my other concern? i plan to anyway but dont want to yet if i dont have to. any help is appreciated. and GOOD pics if you can show as well...