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  1. J

    Transmission clunk(metal on metal) when when first shifting from 1st into 2nd gear

    Hello, I have a 2005 ford explorer 4.0. it has 195k miles on it and i assume the second transmission in it (but I don't really know, i just read that those 5r55s transmissions blow up at about 135k miles). I did 3 pan drops and fills and had to replace the solenoid pack. My transmission makes a...
  2. P

    2003 4.0 SOHC misfire after car wash?!

    okay, 2003 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC. Truck sometimes would misfire when started cold in the morning after sitting overnight. Always stopped with throttle and when warmed up. Just one cylinder, occasionally would set CEL and always P0306 and P0316. Kind of forgot about it because it hasn’t been...
  3. L

    Hello All. Trouble starting in the morning. Any help would be much appreciated

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2013 Limited. For the past few months, I have had a miserable time starting the car - first start in the morning (about 95% of the time). I'll have to try starting it from a few times to up to 20 times. If I leave it cranking it never starts. I have to stop it and start...
  4. L

    Either EXTREME cold or EXTREME heat...

    Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! I've been using this site since 2009, luckily my 97 Sport hasn't been problematic. This is an A/C issue...the cold-hot knob does nothing on my Explorer. If you move it to full heat and put the selector knob on Max AC it comes out the vents ice cold... however...
  5. J

    Vehicle always stars but putters

    Hello, I own a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT Flex Fuel and I am having a problem when I start the vehicle. It always starts, however, it does not start like when it was new. It sometimes starts right away but sometimes it will putter for about two to three seconds and then it starts. Usually it...
  6. J

    Hard cold start

    I have a 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer v6 vin E that has been having problems when first starting up. It started during the winter when it would get below 30F but has continued into the spring months. When I try and start it one of three things will happen: It will start and immediately rev up to...
  7. P

    Two more questions.. (Truck refused to start and some more about Head/tail-lights)

    So, yesterday when I ran off to college, my car refused to start at first. I would turn the key, it would crank, but it wouldn't actually fire up. I tried a few times, then tried while holding down the gas pedal, and it started, but I don't know if it was because I was holding the pedal or...
  8. R

    Will not shift to 4 wheel drive when cold.

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can give me some clues as to what my issue might be. The 4x4 shift motor does not seem to want to do anything when it is cold. I can hear the relays click when I press the button but it does not shift. Once the temp warms up a bit or the truck has been running for...
  9. D

    Heat Not Working

    Hello, I have a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT. The current issue is that the heater doesn't work. All of the vents blow out air but it is not warm. I let the vehicle get to operating temperature and felt the hoses that go to the firewall and they were both warm. The top one was warmer then the bottom...
  10. S

    2002 explorer 4.6ltr thermostat question

    recently purchased and noticing that the temp gauge barely comes above the cold line. it blows some heat but don't know if this is normal for this? should it be closer to center?
  11. P

    08 floor heat distribution cold feet (foot)

    What is with the floor heater air distribution in these vehicles ?!?! My 08 Ltd HVAC system works fine. Blend door actuator is good, it puts out adequate heat. My issue is the distribution of the floor air output. I am speaking mostly from the driver's perspective as I have not spent...
  12. R

    Starter, Solenoid and Cold Temperatures

    I was away for a couple of months and I had my 2002 Explorer 4.0L parked in the driveway at home. When I returned home at the beginning of December, it wouldn't start and my 10 month old battery was dead and frozen. The auto store replaced the battery and I plunked the new battery in the SUV and...
  13. C

    Rattle Noise on Cold Startup, Winding Noise Varies with RPMs when Cold

    Hello, I have a 04 Mounty 4.6L V8 with 96,000 mi. and it is making a horrible rattle and scraping noise for a couple seconds immediately after a cold start. Then it will make a winding noise that gets louder and faster as RPMs increase. The winding noise goes away after the engine warms up...
  14. B

    MFT Battery Saver message on shutdown

    Hey guys, All of a sudden I'm getting a message on the dash screen that says "system off to save battery. Turn key off or start ignition". Never seen it before. So...I disconnected the negative battery cable to reboot the system. Made sure all power was drained from system, let it set for...
  15. P

    07 Explore with electronic climate Hot Drivers side Cold Pasenger Side

    2007 Explorer Hot air drivers side / Cold Air Passenger Side Eddie Bauer Electronic climate control When I turn on heat for both sides, air is hot on drivers side but cold on passenger side. Same issue presents regardless of whether defrost, vent or floor is selected. Now that its cold...
  16. Mac CAI Installed

    Mac CAI Installed

    This is the Mac CAI that I bought form VroomZoomBoom installed on my ex
  17. Mac CAI

    Mac CAI

    This is the Mac CAI that I bought form VroomZoomBoom
  18. A

    Help Please - Car Won't Start when it's...

    Hello everybody, thanks for reading my post. I recently had some trouble with the truck. I mean like 3 month maybe a lil bit more. So i got an 97 4.0l SOHC 4X4 All the time... And Everything for engine, exausht and CIE are from Ford... So no custom engine or else. So today i went to a...
  19. E

    Limp Home when hot...please HELP!!

    My 93 explorer runs great while cold. Worse when warm, and almost like a limp home mode when it reaches normal op temp. There are no codes, no light, even though it does work.These things I have already checked/cleaned/replaced...etc Thermostat MAF TPS COIL Fuel pressure plugs vacuum...
  20. 1

    Help with cold rough idle

    I have a 91 Explorer and finally have the cooling system in order. New water pump, and radiator and thermostat. Flushed the system very well, and now its clean as a whistle and runs at the right temp. However, 3 or 4 weeks after all this is done, it has started missing badly when its cold...
  21. N

    Knocks With thermostat in, does not knock when it is out. Stumped

    So... I'll start at the beginning. For a couple years now my 4.0 makes a knocking, or perhaps pinging noise if I am driving up a long grade. Its only while its under power, If I let off the gas it stops. Gear/RPM does not seam to matter. Last summer it started running hot. I noticed my...
  22. A

    Cold air intake system help needed!

    Trying to find the best cold air intake system for 2000 Explorer XLS 4.0 V6 4x4? Thank you to anyone who could help! :D
  23. F

    5.0L Cold Air Intake

    Has anybody found an aftermarket Cold Air Intake kit for the 5.0L that is legal in California? I have a '99 5.0L AWD. Thanks.
  24. M

    Transmission issues

    I drive a 91' auto with 171,000 with an AL4D (4 wheel drive). I have 3 problems (but they all may be the same): 1) About 2 months after installing a used transmission my transmission won't shift or something. It will shift late, be at 3000 rpms at 45mph and around 5000rpms at 70. After...
  25. F

    95 Explorer XLT won't start in cold

    This just started (just had the tranny replaced - don't know if it's related) Truck cranks good and coughs a little. fuel pressure is good. If I hold the accelerator down I can smell fuel in the intake. I've replaced the IAT, and the ECT and "cleaned" the IAC (didn't get much 'dirt' out of it -...