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    4.0L Engine Year Compatibility?

    Well, 230k miles and the timing chain gave out on my '03 4.0L without warning. I'd like to put a used engine back in the car, already have the old one out, and figure $800 or less for an engine with under 150k miles is worth it, and for sure put new gears, chain, and tensioners in it. I'm pretty...
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    newish member first post / question

    Hi everyone a few years back I gave my niece my 95 XLT to go to college. Im getting back today and it needs new seats. Are all second gen seats interchangeable ? 95-2001 all fit in one another ? Thanks for looking at my post have a great day. D
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    Auto to 5 speed wiring harness compatibility checked

    I'm putting a 5 speed manual trans out of 93 ranger 4x4 in95 Explorer 4x4 automatic
  4. Ford alternator compatibility chart.

    Ford alternator compatibility chart.