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  1. J

    Camshaft Position Sensor/Electrical Problems

    As stated in a previous post, I have multiple codes on my 2003 Ford Explorer Centennial Edition, 4.6L. After testing my alternator I figured most of them were due to it being weak. After removing countless alternators at the junkyard and testing them outside of the vehicle, I finally found one...
  2. Z

    Car Will Not Start

    2016 Ford Ex XLT 6 cyl will not start. Fifth time this has happened. Eventually have been able to get car to start due to waiting for an extended period of time or randomly getting the vehicle to start. Car is currently siting in garage. Will wait an hour and try to start again.. Any ideas or...
  3. C

    2 questions in thread. New member so I apologize.

    So, I have been upgrading and restoring my 1997 Explorer XLT 4.0 OHV since I purchased it for under a Grand with 129,000 miles, almost a year ago this month. I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle at all and have put quite a few miles on (160,390) it from driving it to Florida and back...
  4. Mitchs07explorer

    Recommendations on scanner tools

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a quality scan tool that would allow me to reset my adaptive learning in my PCM for my transmission. I've seen an array of scan tools from $16 to $1200 on Amazon and I'm not really sure what's under kill and what's over kill on a tool like this. I'm...
  5. M

    Can it be reprogramed?

    Just got my first Explorer. It's got a lot of miles, but the body and interior is in great shape and it drives good. It's of course got a manifold leak which I've been reading about. My question is, can I get a programmer or chip to reprogram how it shifts and kicks down? I know it's typical...
  6. A

    Stalling Issue 05 4.0L

    Morning folks!, New guy here, but long time lurker. Anyhow, my 05 Eddie 2WD V6 4.0L has been having some issues with stalling at idle, rough idle, and jerking coming from the rear at highway speeds. All this is intermittent, but consistent. First time I stalled out I started back up no...
  7. S

    Misfire Engine Code V6

    Engine code p0306 keeps coming back. I have replaced: spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil pack, fuel injectors, and crankshaft position sensor. Each time I replaced something I disconnect the battery and when I reconnect the battery the engine code is cleared and it stays off for about...
  8. R

    Starting Problems with 95' Explorer

    Over the past month or so I've had trouble with my Explorer starting. It cranks and cranks and won't start. Every once in a while it will crank and start. I took it to my local guy and he said it was the Ignition Control Module which I had him replace. Worked ok for a day or two and now...
  9. P

    Cranking problems

    For the past several months, sometimes, not always, when I would start my Sport Trac, it sounded like a bad CD, like it would start to crank, then skip, then go ahead and crank. I have had the starter replaced, so I know that's not the problem. This morning, it did this skipping, but did not...
  10. 1

    99 explorer idle or computer?

    Been reading up on this sensor and that valve etc for what could be the reason for a low idle issue. I have a low idle...sometimes. other times it works just fine. As in, start up. normal idle, works fine and strong. if for no reason, she wont idle properly again. you know...later...
  11. J


    I am new to this site and drive a 1995 Eddie Bauer 4WD Explorer that I bought brand new. I have 335K mostly trouble free miles on it. I have a problem with the cruise control that cycles between acceleration and coast about once a second or two. The speedometer reading is way off, the trip...
  12. M

    2010 (2010) Explorer Eddie Bauer computer module for keycode

    Hi, I could'nt find the exact anwer to this so I decided to star a thread. I'm looking for the keycode. The manual says to look for the computer module. Where can I find the computer module on the Explorer 2010? Thanks!
  13. G

    Think I may have a issue with the computer..

    So this is a issue I'm having. For some reason, sometimes my explorer won't start. Its not the starter, we've had it tested along w/ the solenoid, changed the battery and relays. Most of the time it starts fine, no problem, but if we've been driving for awhile and the engine is hot,or its hot...
  14. F

    For Sale 2000 Explorer V6 ECM (automatic) - $80.00 OBO

    Engine Control Module for 2000 Ford Explorer, the 4.0L V6 SOHC engine, 2-wheel automatic trans. Works great, no rebuild or reprogram required! Will ship for $10.00 flat rate. PM or call (leave name, number and message) at 706-76Six-2833.
  15. The computer panel has a heat shield.

    The computer panel has a heat shield.

    This is extra protection for the computer board in an oven.
  16. B

    Possible computer problem? Ignition? Injection?

    I recently replaced a rear timing chain on my 2002 4.0L SOHC Explorer because the tensioner was broken. We realigned the cams & crankshaft using the special Ford alignment tool. I also threw some Lucas upper cylinder lubricant & injector cleaner (one product) into the gas tank. Now when I...
  17. F

    Anti-theft System not Disengaging

    Hi guys, I have an issue with my wife's 98 Explorer that I'm hoping someone can help with. About a month ago my wife needed to take it in to get smogged but before she did, she got a "check engine" light. Investigation on my part suggested that it was a bad sensor. Before I was able to...
  18. F

    Computer #?

    F17F-12A650-ZA I need to know if the above number is for a Automatic, 4x4.
  19. F

    Is my ECU fried?

    Power is getting to the computer and chec engine light does not come on with key turned.
  20. M

    ECM needs to be replaced??

    My son recently bought a 1996 Explorer sans smog cert. Yes, I know. I've already given him the forehead slap but we must move on and now we're trying to get it to pass smog so we can complete the title transfer. His mech (they're in a different city from me) said it showed a PO761 code. Based...
  21. The old computer board.

    The old computer board.

  22. The new computer board.

    The new computer board.

  23. The face plate attaches to the computer board.

    The face plate attaches to the computer board.

  24. Memory saver for the computer & clock.

    Memory saver for the computer & clock.

  25. B

    Onboard computer buttons problem

    Hello; new to the forum, you people have a great site to help each other out. I own a 07 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4x4 V8. It has been a really great car and still is, but with a gripe that is. The battery was defective due to age and I had the car with the passenger window open for two days...