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  1. R

    Civilian Style Police Center Console??

    Hey all, Was looking online for which center console I could fit into my Police 22', when i came across something really interesting. Ive never seen this before but it looks like a center console made specifically for the police package vehicles. Does anyone know what this is? or where I can...
  2. Z

    2nd row console removal

    I know this has been talked about before. I know you can remove it and i also know you are left with a big hole in the carpet. Instead of wondering if it can be done, can anyone of you who have removed the centre console from the second row, show me pictures of what you have done or how it...
  3. J

    21 FPIU civilian style center console?

    Hello everyone !! I am new to this forum and have been in a pickle trying to find out the name or part number for ordering this type of center console for my interceptor! Can't seem to find it anywhere .
  4. D

    Missing part - upper console trim

    Hello, I have a 2020 XLT - bought used - and a trim piece in the upper console is missing. The dealer has ordered 3 different parts, and none of them fit. They claim to have looked in other 2020 Explorers on the lot, and none of them have this same upper console (really?) Does anyone know...
  5. I

    Center Console Swap

    Would it be possible to swap out the center console from say an '04 Explorer into a 98? I've seen a guy on YouTube swap out his 1st gen sport trac console with one and was wondering it it'd be possible to do in a 98 Ex?
  6. willzilla

    2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4 door Center Console Removal?

    The forum search feature doesn't seem to work (just gives me errors when I try to search for anything). What is the trick with removing the center console? I found various instructions, removed all of the bolts/nuts, and then hit the center bracket backwards to push to console back "at least 2...
  7. S

    Sync and Center consol issues

    Hello all, My wife's Explorer is having issues and it is difficult for me to diagnose halfway across the country. I haven't seen this issue on any of the forums and need some help. It sounds as if the fan speed down button is constantly being pressed. She can occasionally turn the speed up but...
  8. S

    Help with 2013 Explorer PIU Console Questions....

    Hey all! I've been reading every post I can find about my missing console, but still have questions and need help! Short of trying to get a deputy to let me go through his PIU and possibly take photos (which I doubt is going to happen ; ) I searched our county's facebook, etc., for details on...
  9. Exploring XLT

    Aftermarket switch install location

    I installed a few switches into my Explorer's center console yesterday, as well as 12v and usb power in the back of the console, just thought I would share some pics for anyone else looking to do it as I couldn't find a thread on it when I started. I put in four switches in the bottom of the...
  10. Console Safe

    Console Safe

    For my 1997 Ford Explorer and 1999 Mercury Mountaineer
  11. T

    Aftermarket Middle Console/Storage

    Anyone have any good suggestions for a middle console/cup holder for a 93 Explorer? Mine is a manual and I absolutely obliterate my coffee or gatorade bottles if I shift into 2nd or reverse. Just curious if anyone has this same problem and found a solution to it other than playing musical chairs...
  12. S

    How to: Adding OEM 12V outlets to your post-aftermarket equipment FPIU (and fixing your horn)

    It took me about ten to fifteen hours to figure these two things out on my own, since there isn’t a ton of info out there yet about undoing police modifications (whereas on a car like the CVPI so many have been purchased after decommissioning that info is relatively easy to find). I hope this...
  13. J

    2017 platinum 2nd row console

    Ford accessories list 2 different part numbers. One is for a sport/xlt and the other for a limited....does anyone know what the difference is? Or which one is for a platinum?
  14. 2

    Interior light dimming?

    I'm wondering what causes the interior displays to dim when the headlight switch is turned into the on position. I like to drive with my parking lights on in the day but this causes my compass to dim which is a little annoying. Does anyone know how to disable the dimming of the compass, message...
  15. L

    Aftermarket Console

    Hey guys, im looking to replace my current console with an aftermarket console in my 05 Sport Trac. Has anyone here done this before or can anyone recommend one to me? Thanks! Would love to see pictures of the console!
  16. L

    Hi there! Im New! And have a console question!

    So I am acquiring a 05 Sport Trac. It is in really good condition with low miles. The only problem is that it is the model that has the bag, and the bag, is gone, and I rather have a different console anyways! I was wondering if you guys knew if the 03 Ranger Floor Console would be a good...
  17. W

    New Guy on the Block 1999 Explorer

    Hello I'm a new guy (for here I mean). Have a 1999 XLT that I just bought. Maybe a down grade (in year) from my 2002 Impala, but Pristine condition Vehicle! Looking for members who are experienced with neat mount for my Two Way Radio (Motorola CDM 1250, Siren Control Box, and Light Switches)...
  18. O

    console won't open 2004 sport trac

    Hey can anyone help me out? I just got a 2004 sport trac and I can't figure out how to open it or if it opens at all
  19. S

    Button harness, 05' Mountaineer, installing CarPlay

    Hi guys, I've been searching the forums for this, I may be using the wrong terminology. I'm installing a Pioneer CarPlay head unit, there's a second set of buttons that are wired on the right hand side of the console, what are these for or what option was it? Anyone know? I appreciate any feedback!!
  20. D

    Need Cup inserts for back of console

    Hi, I have been searching everywhere to no avail. I have permanently damaged both of the cup holders in the back of my center console. I need some inserts to hide the damage. I have a 2010 Eddie Bower Explorer 4WD. Thanks so much! Denise
  21. daChurchPcGuy

    Gen 2 Explorer console with custom audio

    I've got a daughter that loves her music and the stock radio in my 2005 ST has no inputs, so ... First task was to find a head unit with Bluetooth, rear USB and AUX input. This way I can route the USB and AUX to the rear of my long console. (The one I didn't have.) After a bunch of searching...
  22. D

    How To: Long Console Install (Pictures!)

    After looking around on here for several hours, I couldn't find a true guide on installing the long/full sized console. So I decided to tackle the job and find the wiring myself. So, here is a guide on installing it, so you don't have to go through the pain of finding which wire goes where and...
  23. A

    Is There Such A Thing As frt Bench Seat?

    Did any 2nd Gen Explorers come equipped with front bench seat? When the police took the center console out to install electronics they broke the front attach on the bottom of console, would have to buy another one. I have a whole flock of G-Kids and need that one center front to have...
  24. willzilla

    2nd GEN Overhead Interior LED Swap

    This is a variation from the very good and informative post Interior Dome Light LED Conversion (PICs) by MustangP51. His post didn't really detail much on wiring and provide a ton of detail on the backseat and cargo lighting and also went the much cooler and more complex method of building his...
  25. P

    Audio IN Jack inside front console broken

    So the audio "in" jack in the console of my 08 LTD has gone bad. It broke the tip off a cable I was using and the tip lodged in the jack. I was able to remove it, but because it was in there for so long, it stretched out the conductors. The conductors are very hard to get at. I tried to...