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  1. J

    Ford Explorer OHV 4l OD Light flashing!

    Hey, i got the infamous OD light flashing on me... And at first the truck was all normal. But now when i stop at a Junction to wait on a car its like the converter stops working. You can push Down the throtlle, and rev the engine. But you won't move before you change it from "drive" to "1" gear...
  2. J

    Catalytic Converter Rattle

    I drive a 2004 ford explorer 4.0 SOHC 4wd. about a week ago I noticed a loud rattle on start up and I was convinced it was timing chain tensioner or a bad starter bendex. I finally realized it was the passenger side catalytic converter making the noise, I saw that a lot of times its the heat...
  3. D

    1999 Explorer 4.0 v6 torque converter

    I have an automatic 1999 explorer and have had the transmission rebuilt 3 times in 2 years. Its been doing fine for about 6 months until now. I'm driving down the road staying at the same speed and the car jumps from however many rpm's it was at to about 3000 rpm's over that. Then it'll go back...
  4. M

    cat question

    My catalytic converter is going bad or just clogged not sure, it is the original, new ones are expensive! Can I run her withought one or will it f*#k **** up??? Emissions are not regulated here, Indiana
  5. L

    Knocking from bell housing! HELP!

    So just finished my engine swap '98 into a '01. Starts up great but I've got a weird knocking coming from the bell housing. It's random and less frequent in park and neutral. In reverse and drive though it creates engine shaking and the truck dies.i torqued down the flywheel buts to converter to...
  6. C

    Warranty Repair Issues -Help with Code P0420

    Help with Code P0420 - 2007 Explorer (fixed) I have a 2007 Explorer EB that has a check engine code p0420 showing. I believe the issue is with the catylitic converter but I am not sure. I have talked to the Ford dealership and was told the warranty was expired. The part itself cost $1300...
  7. N

    Cat converter question

    Hey guys, Interesting forum lots of great info. 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0 I was wondering if a converter would cause a repeated code 137 ? (HEGO sensor rich) I got that code KOER -- I have replaced both O2 sensors and MAF. The MAF fault was repaired with MAF replacement. I was reading some...
  8. 2

    Exhaust Question.

    Hello, it's been a while since I've posted in here. I always turn to this site for reliable help and everyone on here always helps. Well I'm looking to replace my exhaust and I think I found a good deal over at ExplorerExpress...
  9. F

    torque converter rebuild?

    hey everyone! Im about to put another a4ld in my ex, and im 90 percent sure my converter is bad. does anyone know of a place i can send mine away to be rebuilt? or can i find someone locally? I would rather not spen the 160 bucks for a new one. Thanks in advance Justin
  10. F


    Im trying to remove my a4ld to rebuild and i cant find a socket that fits the torque converter bolts!!! can someone tell me how they removed it? What size are the bolts Did you have to use a box wrench? Much help appreciated!!!!!!
  11. D

    Replacing Cats - $800?

    2001 Explorer Sport...180K Mechanic quoted $800 just for the forward cats that bolt to the manifold or is he replacing all four plus exhaust system? He said if I went through the dealer the cats would cost $1400. Does this sound right? I guess I need to clarify exactly what he is doing...
  12. CamDJClimited

    1996 Ford Explorer Transmission Question

    So I just found out by our mechanic that the Transmission Torque Converter is bad, and needs to be replaced. Would I be better off replacing the whole transmission? Or just the torque converter. We have our own mechanic we go to, so no way am I going to the dealer, and I could always buy the...
  13. F

    1997 Ford Explorer 5.0 4R70W Transmission swap

    I bought a Haynes manual for this truck. The forward clutches are worn in the factory installed transmission, and I'm swapping it for a transmission I was given by a friend (I live in the sticks and the closest transmission shop is 60 miles out). The manual says to remove the starter, then...
  14. TSB 92-5-12 Case spring in the converter channel of an A4LD transmission.

    TSB 92-5-12 Case spring in the converter channel of an A4LD transmission.

    A spring was installed in the transmission case worm trail to trap large machining chips, and reduce engine stall complaints caused by the stuck converter lock-up valve in the main control of the transmission. This spring should not be installed in transmissions built prior to 8/21/91.
  15. A

    Blocked Cat temp fix

    I have a blocked cat and no money for a few weeks (gotta love when things break this time of year) If I drill a few holes in the pipe just before the blocked Cat will that help the backpressure enough to buy me a few weeks before I can get my exhaust fixded correctly? I would like to not...
  16. Torque converter break out diagram.

    Torque converter break out diagram.

    This is an internal diagram of a torque converter.
  17. Torque Converter diagram.

    Torque Converter diagram.

    This is an internal diagram of a torque converter.
  18. Torque Converter break out view.

    Torque Converter break out view.

    This is an internal diagram of a torque converter.