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coolant flush

  1. M

    2005 Ford Explorer 4.6L thermostat replaced. Burping air out

    I just replaced the thermostat with a OEM thermostat from Ford per recommendation from a smog tech due to code 0128. I am in the process of burping the air out. Does anyone have any ingenious ideas on how to burp the air out besides driving up a steep hill or squeezing the big rubber hose ...
  2. TsherryUSA

    Solved OHV Coolant change doesn't take full 3 gallons?

    So I did a coolant change today. After draining the old coolant, I couldn't get 3 gallons of distilled water in the radiator even with running the engine. I threw some extra in the reservoir and drove for 15min with normal engine temp. After the engine cooled, I drained the distilled water...
  3. J

    Leaking Antifreeze, please help

    Okay so I had a coolant flush about 2 months ago, admittedly I am not sure what type of antifreeze is standard for an 04 explorer but it had green in it and they replaced it with orange. However, for the last 3 weeks or so, even though they flushed it and filled it with orange antifreeze, only...
  4. R

    Routine maintenance question

    Mine is the 2002 Explorer with the V8 engine. I having no problems and it now has 185K miles on it. I am planning to flush and change the coolant. Everything (parts) relating to the cooling system and HVAC is original on this Explorer. I would appreciate your advice on whether I should change...
  5. D

    Coolant Freezing Temp Check (For upcoming winter)

    Hey guys, so I just published my latest How-to video on checking the coolant freezing temp. It just hit below freezing in the NE so I figured this would save some people headaches from improper coolant:water ratios. Let me know what you think! If you like the video, hit the "thumbs-up"...
  6. davidsauve

    No Heat - EATC system or Heater Core

    I have a 1997 Explorer EB V6 4.0 SOHC with the EATC. Everything works on the EATC panel except the defrost, panel or floor does not blow warm/hot air when the temp setpoint is high (75-90). The thermostat works (just changed to a new 195 degF), coolant is new, system was flushed with Prestone...
  7. C

    Coolant flush need help 95 OHV

    I need to replace my thermostat so I figured I would flush my coolant since its been to long. I bought new coolant, Prestone super flush and prestone flush kit adapter. --->I do not understand where Prestone wants me to attach the little TEE that comes with the kit. I searched the forum...