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  1. P

    Any EcoBoost Engineers in here? EcoBoost Intercooler Condensation Solution?

    Just watched a video of some guy complaining about F150's and said he would never buy ford again. The issue seemed simply to resolve, curious what has been tried or if/how the issue has been resolved. The issue was water build up in the intercooler, which meant a quick jab at the throttle would...
  2. N

    Transmission Cooler

    Hi, I own a 2002 EB edition explorer. It has 141k miles on it. Is it worth putting a transmission cooler on soon to prevent a transmission failure? Or is it too late?
  3. natenkiki2004

    Coolant in Trans lines?

    My concern: I see fresh coolant "seeping" from the upper transmission cooler line going into the radiator. From everything I read on here, the ATF pressure should be high enough that if the radiator tank (or gasket?) were to break the barrier between coolant and ATF lines that ATF would seep...
  4. R

    Electric fan vs belt fan

    :us: Proud to be an American :us: I was wondering the benefits of using an electric fan versus a belt fan, my fan belt needs replaced every year, and no matter the belt in the winter it makes a whining noise and when i replace the belt it goes away, one benefit i do know with the belt friven...
  5. B

    Bad Oil Cooler

    Hello. I have a 1998 Mercury Mountianeer and noticed a lot of oil/greese leaking from the front end. I cleaned it up and took the mounty to my mechanic and he said that the leak is coming from a bad oil cooler. he said the problem is that on these models the oil cooler is connected to the oil...
  6. A

    Towing and Transmission Cooler Advice

    Hello all, I have searched this forum and read threads related to Sport Trac towing and after-market transmission cooling but still need some advice. 03 Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin, 4x2, no towing package. 88k miles well maintained no issues. 4.10 limited slip axle. Class III hitch to...
  7. B

    Secondary Aux Transmission Cooler

    I have a 2005 Explorer with 4.6 V8 and towing package. No transmission servicing has ever been done and I have owned this vehicle since new. I have 80,000 miles on it. Recently I was pulling a car on an open trailer up a grade that was probably about 2 miles long at 6% grade. I consider it...
  8. F

    Transmission fluid leak from oil cooler fitting

    Iv'e been having a small leak from the tranny oil cooler at the front of the truck ('06 V6 xlt). The leak appears on both fittings coming out of the oil cooler attached to the bottom of the radiator. I think it's coming from where the fluid line goes into the fitting, and not from where the...
  9. C

    Transmission Cooler V8 4.6L 2004

    Hello guys.... I have a question... the V8 4.6L has a auxiliary transmission Cooler installed from factory??. I f I see under the engine there is a small cooler panel.. but I am not sure if it is for the steering power system or for the automatic tranny.... I am pretty concern about heat on...
  10. Transmission cooler line

    Transmission cooler line

    1st Gen transmission cooler lines are heavily rusted.
  11. Cooler installed

    Cooler installed

  12. Cooler installed

    Cooler installed

  13. cooler install

    cooler install

    B&M cooler partially mounted on pass side with screws through grill support, needs a bracket in the middle
  14. cooler


    Pic of the B&M 28,000 GVW trans cooler on the Navajo. Mounted on the grill support, with 2 grommeted screws on Pass side, and a custom (electric box cover) bracket to the existing cooler mount.