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  1. N

    2003 Explorer Sport Trac XLT Tonneau/Bed Cover

    I'm looking for an OEM tonneau cover for my '03 ST under $500. If not OEM, something sturdy and reliable that won't break the bank. I bought an after-market cover that claimed to fit the '03 ST, but upon trying to install it I realized I needed bed rails or something for the cover to clamp...
  2. M

    Female body clips for 2011+? hitch cover panels - FOUND.

    My wife backed our 2013 Explorer Sport right into my F-150 and in doing so popped the rear hitch cover off. When I tried to put it back on, I realized one of the female clips on the body had broken. These aren't the male pins on the hitch cover - these are the clips that the male pieces lock...
  3. Indispensable Explorer

    Cover recommendations?

    My Explorer sits outside all day, I was wondering if you guys had tried any car covers that you would recommend. I usually drive by myself so getting someone to take off the cover with me would be something to avoid if possible. 1995 Ford Explorer, Four door. Thank you!
  4. F

    2016 / 2017 Explorer - hitch cover removal

    I have looked through the manual and googled but can not find how to remove the hitch cover on a 2016 explorer. Seems it was left out of the manual. If someone knows and can post he instructions or point me to them that would be appreciated. Thanks Frank
  5. C

    2003 Explorer: Remove steering column cover

    I've got a pinched brake/turn wire when I lower my tilt. I need to remove the steering column COVER to correct the 'pinch' problem. How do I start to remove the cover? THX. CJChicago
  6. J

    need valve covers for 4.0 ohv

    Need a rust free good set of valve covers for my 2000 explorer 4.0 ohv. Apparently doing the gaskets twice in a lil over a year has not stopped the oil leak and now im trying to find a good set and have had no luck locating them in the aftermarket parts
  7. 0

    2002 XLT little accident need help

    Only my second post here because I haven't had any issues. With recent snow I had a run in with a bank and it messed my bumper cover up. Need to know best options to fix this. Tight on money now. Unemployed school student.
  8. D

    Cargo area cover (Dog use)

    I am new here and I have scanned through some of the post that recommend Husky and weathertech cover for the cargo area. I am interested in a cargo cover for my '12 Explorer that protects the back of the 2nd row seats. Mainly I would like to keep everything as dog hair free as possible. Any...
  9. Z

    Does 06 bed Cap fit 07?

    Hey Dudes, I was wondering if anyone knew if the 1st gen bed length was the same as the 07 and newer?? I have an 07 but I am trying to find a used cap for it. All I can find are caps for the 1st gen... Will they fit? Also anyone near the Hudson Valley, NJ, CT have one for sale...
  10. Black Horse

    Black Horse

    Mustang GT 3V 4.6L V8 with Plenum Cover SCT Custom Tuned
  11. O

    Can someone help me identify these cargo covers?

    I have these three cargo covers / sun shades / privacy screens, but I don't know what year they fit. I got all three at a garage sale. Does anyone recognize the mounts? I think the first one is for a 91-94 model, the middle one appears to be newer. Both tans measure 52" and the grey one...
  12. Remove the metal cover.

    Remove the metal cover.

  13. P

    Valve cover Bolts size??

    Does anyone knows the size Bolts for the valve cover for a 1999 ford expolorer 4.0 sohc?
  14. P

    Iggee Seat Cover

    well my driver seat is pretty beat. Went to the upholsters and he quoted me 300 to redo just the seat cushion which isnt happening. I was checking out seat covers and came across these Iggee brand ones on ebay...
  15. S

    Which Tonneau cover?

    all right, so i really hate the stock cover that came with my '05 Sport Trac. i hate the fact that it's 70 lbs, takes 2 people to remove/put on, and can only allow access to 1/2 the already short bed. which is why i want to get a new one. i was thinking a retractable one, but i need help about...
  16. A

    How to remove rear bumper cover on 05 Eddie Bauer?

    I need to remove the rear bumper cover on my 2005 Eddie Bauer 4WD with a factory class III/IV hitch built into the steel bumper. Taking stock of the fasteners, I see: - The plastic rivet-type things along the flange that runs along the bottom and partly up the sides of the hatch opening. -...
  17. 1992 Ford Aerostar fuse cover.

    1992 Ford Aerostar fuse cover.

  18. Removing the rear cover.

    Removing the rear cover.

  19. Taper Performance 8.8 Diff cover

    Taper Performance 8.8 Diff cover

  20. ClearGearz Differential Cover 2

    ClearGearz Differential Cover 2

  21. Back side

    Back side

    My X's Ass