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    How to remove plastic cowling from 2013 explorer for rear O2 connector access.

    Long story short, I need to replace O2 sensor from rear cylinder bank and the wire connector is located between the engine and firewall. I can barely touch the connector from underneath the car. I can touch it when reaching around the engine, but need two hands to jiggle the connector loose...
  2. W

    Mouse in ventilation. How do i open it up?

    I have a mouse in my 2007 Sport Trac! When i turn on the air or heat, it smells like mouse pee bad. Opened the hood and saw him run around. I cant find a nest. There is no cabin air filter. We bought the truck and ive had to put some work into it and so far so good, (thank you board)but one...
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    2013 Explorer Ltd windshield noise

    I see some older posts that address an issue similar to mine but I would hope that Ford has taken care of that by now. At highway speeds, depending on the wind direction my 2013 Explorer Ltd. has a flutter noise that seems to come from the right side windshield area or in front of the...
  4. Painted wiper cowl

    Painted wiper cowl