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  1. TxCowgirlInCo

    Very sick 1st Gen: Engine issues, clutch drag & slip..

    Wanted y'alls input on something: what goes through your mind when you think about the following: 4.0L OHV less than 150k miles. Previous: Slight, steady, slow rear main leak - no other running / drivability issues. Vehicle out of owners possession for period of time and believes 'something...
  2. C

    2011 Explorer Crankshaft Position Sensor

    My Check Engine Light came on my 2011 Explorer and after having codes run, it appears it is my crankshaft position sensor. My engine has misfired and pistons 1 & 3 are out. I replaced all 6 spark plugs and that did not do the trick so I picked up a crankshaft position sensor yesterday. MY...
  3. J

    Help: Harmonic Balancer/crankshaft sensor issue

    I have an 04 4.0 and I installed a new Dorman harmonic balancer to help with a rough idle issue. Now I am getting random misfire codes (P0300, P0301, P0305). I have brand new plugs and wires (motorcraft) and tested the coil pack. Do I have to replace the Crankshaft sensor for the new...
  4. A

    How Do I Remove The Camshaft Sprocket?

    4.0L OHV (Pushrod) 4WD, Automatic, 1994 Explorer XLT. I need to know how to remove the torx bolt from the camshaft sprocket (top) so I can replace the timing components. All I see are replacement threads for SOHC engines... Nothing is broken!! I'm just replacing them for the hell of it since I...
  5. A

    1995 Explorer Turns Over But Belt Doesn't Turn

    My 1995 Explorer with a 4.0 V6 and 175K died while driving up a hill and all power was lost after hearing a clunk. Now the truck turns over but will not start. When the engine is turning over the serpentine belt does not turn with it. The belt is mounted correctly on all the pulleys but the...
  6. L

    Squeaky noise when accelerating.

    Hello, I saw a thread on here that spoke of the camshaft/crankshaft position sensor being a reason for hearing a loud squeaking noise. I have a 2004 Explorer V6 4.0L and this started about two weeks ago. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  7. S

    Broken Timing Chain on 4.0L after 40,000 miles

    Hope someone out there can answer a couple of questions regarding my parent's Explorer. The vehicle is a 2005 Explorer with a 4.0L engine. A couple of weeks ago my mom was driving down their road when she heard a loud noise. She thought she had hit a pothole, but the vehicle continued to...
  8. E

    Quick and dirty main bearing R&R???

    I am thinking I will get a quick and dirty R&R on my main bearings. I cannot do this myself, I will have to get it done. Suggestions? Is this possible with the motor in the car? Can I R&R the crank or will it have to come out? I have a slight bearing knock when the vehicle warms up so...
  9. S

    Engine clatter after oil change

    hey everyone, after a routine oil change today, I started to hear a clatter from the engine.. it initially sounded like the valvetrain but it gets louder towards the crankshaft region. It's the first time I have actually noted this kind of sound - my friend's Camry made the same sort of noise...
  10. I

    Crankshaft Mysteries - Belt pulley bolt torque specifications needed.

    Hi all - I can't seem to find the spec in my manual. There wasn't a lot of resistance taking them (4 bolts) off (20-30 ft-lb?). This is for a 1994 SOHC 2.3 L MT 2WD Ranger. Also, would I be OK using some blue locktite on them? Thanks! - Bill