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cruise control

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    How to: Steering Controls not working - Fix

    I had issues with steering controls not working or intermittently working on both sides, , Turn out the issue was with the clock spring, here are the steps I took to replace it Steps to de-arm the airbags 1.Make sure the explorer is parted straight and the wheel are in straight line. 2.Turn...
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    CC not working but lights up (FIXED)

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I have a 99 Ford Explorer 4.0L SOCH 4D 4WD. I have a problem and would be grateful to get some help and knowledge, so I can DIY simple stuff on the vehicle. Currently the CC on the vehicle does not set. When I turn it on and press set, the indicator comes up but...
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    2005 Explorer Cruise Control Issue (Need advice)

    My 2005 Explorer recently developed an issue with the cruise control and here are the details. Once desired speed has been met, the cruise control will not engage even after the system has been turned on. No matter how many times the "set" butting is pushed, the system will not engage nor will...
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    '00 5.0 : Vss, oss, abs, question

    I engine swapped my ranger using a 2000 explorer 5.0. All wire harness and components are from explorer. The speedo and cruise are not working now and it shifts hard AF, all was good prior to removing stuff from the explorer. The abs does work so I would assume the rear sensor is functioning...
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    2004 Mountaineer Cruise Control Issue

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with the cruise control on my '04 Mountaineer. It worked great up until the weather started getting cold, then worked intermittently, now does not work at all. It took several "on" and "set+" pushes to get it to go when it ran on and off, and I'm...
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    Cruise Control - Individual Component Troubleshooting

    Purpose of thread is to hopefully provide some troubleshooting advice in detail not otherwise yet available via this forum for 1st gen explorers. Approach to advice is made assuming that no other issues are present. I have no reccommendation as to the order in which components are tested (except...
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    04 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition clock spring

    I have a question regarding my 04 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. My steering wheel controls for my music and HVAC system have been acting up for a little while. I learned to deal with it, that is until my cruise control stopped working. My airbag light is not flashing. I did my clock spring...
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    Aways on cruise control

    I've always thought it was odd how Ford (and others but not my VW's) required the cruise to be turned on with a momentary rather than static button before enabling it. Has anyone come up with a way to trick the system to start with the cruise in the ON position (rather than default OFF) when...
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    1996 horn problem!!

    So I bought a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD the other day. Horn worked fine but cruise control didn't work at all, which is okay because I never use cruise control. So I took out the cruise control buttons and the wire harness that's there in the steering wheel like wrapped in it. If you google...
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    cruise control amplifier-part available?

    Hello - My ole 94 Eddie Bauer Exploder has over 242K miles and runs like it was almost new. The cruise control stopped working so I've replaced the servo, speedometer cable and transmission interface but it still is not coming on. Also checked all the steering wheel switches and they are good...
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    Cruise Control issues 1997 Merc Mounty

    My cruise control isn't working, no surprise there it seems. Has never worked in my ownership. Replaced the cutoff switch and still nothing. I found a post on Ford Forums Online with the cruise control self...
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    Multiple issues: Fuel Gauge, EGR Valve, Cruise Control

    Well... Seems I've made more work for myself... About six months ago I undertook two jobs that tested my skill level. Both with guidance from this blog, as well as hours spent under and above my '02 (June '01) Explorer Sport V6, 4.0L 4x4. I am currently dealing with multiple issues, and I'm...
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    Malfunction Warnings Galore Please HELP!!

    I have a 2011 Explorer Limited 4x4. When I start the car a malfunction warning comes up - 1) Collision Warning Malfunction - after I noticed it I took to mechanic ad he replaced the sensor Now I am getting a 2) Collision warning disabled message and neither the Adaptive Cruise Control or...
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    '98 XLT Mystery Electrical Problems - Brakes, Windows, Cruise, Locks

    Hey everyone! I've been driving this bad boy for 2 years now and it's always had electrical problems of some sort. I will list the symptoms first and after that I will list what I've tried to do about them. None of my solutions worked, so if anyone has any ideas I would be eternally grateful...
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    2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

    I have my XLT 4 WD since it was brand new with 6 miles on it. It now has 220,000 and has been through a lot- although for the most part sill looks pretty good. It's been through several wrecks - been put back together several times. The original engine blew at about 150,000 - both of the...
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    Cruise control (NOT Master Cylinder Pressure Switch)

    I have a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0. Since I have owned it, the cruise control has not worked. I have read that replacing the pressure switch on the master cylinder can fix it, but it did not. No cruise light comes on when I press on and/or set, but at night the switch backlights do come on...
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    94 Explorer Cruise Control Deactivation Switch Bracket

    Hello, My 94 Explorer XLT has factory installed cruise control. Recently, the "Cruise Control Deactivation Switch Bracket" (Part No. 9C962 - now obsolete and unavailable) broke and fell off the brake pedal arm. I have epoxied it back together, and will probably fiberglass around it to add...
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    Need help ... Cruise control fail after got hit

    Hi all, My 2011 explorer limited had an accident, which i hit a vehicle in low speed(around 10km/h). I went to the dealership and asked them to checked for it, and they said the system recorded the collision. The entire adaptive cruise control system just stop working after it. The dealer said...
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    Cruise Control Issue

    I have a '16 Sport with going on 8500 miles on it now. I just recently took a drive into the mountains over the weekend and ran into an issue w/ my cruise control. I set my cruise for 73mph and for the most part had no issues... during a span of about 5 miles though my cruise control let off...
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    Cruise Control Switch - Explorer 1995-1997, Ranger 1996-1997 - Standard CCA1293

    Cruise Control Switch - Explorer 1995-1997, Ranger 1996-1997 - Standard CCA1293 Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks :thumbsup:
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    2011 - Adaptive Cruise Control Won't Stay Engaged

    I've been having an issue with the adaptive cruise control in my 2011 Limited that I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced. In the first 4 years of ownership, the only time that I ever had the adaptive cruise control disengage was during a huge downpour (I know - shouldn't have cruise on...
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    Sport Trac Cruise Control Swap

    Hey Guys and Gals! Long time lurker first time poster! I have a 2002 Sport Trac with a 4.0, 5 speed manual and 4x4. I removed the cruise control components from a 1996 Explorer 4 door 5 speed for my 02 ST. This included the cruise servo, steering wheel and any other associated parts I could...
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    Cruise Control and Power Windows fail

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of help. I have a 2004 Ford Explorer Xls. And my cruise control used to occasionally not work, but sometimes I could give the brakes a good push and they would work afterwards. But now they don't work at all, Also; Now, none of my windows will roll down, I've...
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    Cruise Control Swith Illumination

    I installed a new cruise control switch on my 2002 sport trac. The left side (On and Off) does not light up. The right side is fine. What could be up with the "dark side".
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    Cruise Control Switch Honks Horn

    I installed a new cruise control switch (OEM Motercraft) in my 2002 Sport Trac and now the horn sounds when the "off" button is pushed. Also the "speed control" light on the instrument cluster blinks about every 5 seconds. Any ideas????:(