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  1. Kiliona

    Cummins First Gen Build Thread (no really)

    Hello Everyone! I’ve been a member of this forum for a long time – apparently since 2013. However, in recent years I haven’t been spending as much time here unfortunately due to neglecting my exploder. Well the exploder is back and its finally time for me to post a build thread! Most...
  2. T

    Diesel Swap

    So in the coming years I plan on putting a Cummins 4BT in my Ranger. Has anyone done this? Are there some things to look out for besides the obvious? I plan on keeping this truck til the day I die as it has a lot of sentimental value to me. So I'm purely doing this just to make it my own.
  3. L

    Cummins 4bt swap?

    I am pretty much obsessed with diesel engines. Has anyone heard of a person swapping the Cummins 4bt in to an Explorer? Will it fit without a body lift? How does the 745lb weight of the 4bt compare with the 4.0? Should I keep dreaming of this swap or throw away the dream before before I...