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  1. A

    Need to swap out the antenna on 2019 Explorer

    I have a 2019 Explorer Limited. My roof antenna was completely wiped out by my garage door. I want to replace it with a "Shark Fin" style antenna instead of the old "stick" antenna. Finding a compatible replacement has proven to be much more difficult than I imagined. But if you can swap out...
  2. R

    Lift kit Higher than 6”

    Okay as some of you may know, 6” is tops for these things. A.K.A. a 3” Body lift and a 3” Spacer lift with Btf uppers. Has anyone thought of any way to get more lift in the front end? For example you can Lower the upper control arm by about 2 inches if you bolt the brackets on upside down. Im...
  3. S

    No crank no start, HotRod 97 Mountaineer

    I'm using a 97 Mercury Mountaineer frame, engine, transmission wire harness on a shell of a 1947 Studebaker M5 pick-up truck. This has been an ongoing project for the last few years and now I'm trying to get it to start. I replaced the battery, starter, ignition starter switch, Starter Solenoid...
  4. D.A.V.E.

    Daniel's Adventure Vehicle Extraordinare (D.A.V.E)

    Hello to all out there, I've been using this forum for information gathering for the last 6 months as I was gifted a 92 explorer (Eddie Bauer 4wd) in the middle of 2020. I've probably invested too many hours to keep track of. There was a leak in the sunroof (as I've read they often do) which...
  5. T

    Has anyone installed an Amerihood Ram Air hood?

    I have been thinking about adding this hood to my 2008 Adrenalin when I have it painted in the next few months. I have searched and searched online and only found one guy who had one installed on his 3rd gen Sport Trac. I would REALLY like to see someone's painted and installed Amerihood on...
  6. D

    Custom and modded explorers

    Please post pics of you custom or modded explorers to give me some ideas for mine. I have a 02 explorer sport with 192,000 miles but still a strong motor I need some ideas for performance and exterior styling
  7. G

    Where to buy

    Hi All, We all know there is much to be desired when it comes to buying or looking for custom items for our Explorers. I have a 07 Gen4 that I trying to customize. I am fairly new to this Forum and probably someone who has been here longer can send me links or direct me to someone. Where are...
  8. Blue Lamp

    Factory pickup? How custom?

    Hi all, I'm newly registered but have been reading posts for a while. I've already learned a lot. Met with a salesman yesterday, unfortunately I knew a lot more about the builds than he did. We are looking at an ST street pack and I was wondering if anyone had ever successfully picked up their...
  9. R

    Need Help with PATS system

    I lost the key to my Merc and wanna know if I can carb swap it and run the truck it's only a woods/farm truck already have all the ignition switches wired to a switch and the truck will crank but no start, if I spray starting fluid in the intake it will fire but no start because of pats. Love...
  10. E

    “Explorer” on 3rd gen hood

    After seeing how “Explorer” looks on the hoods of the new Sport Ex’s I said I had to have it on my hood. So I went to the junkyard and pulled the letters off of the door of my same body style Ex. I used 3M double sided auto tape to tape them on.
  11. D

    I love my 94' Explorer [Hello from Bulgaria]

    Hi. My name is Dennis and I am from Bulgaria , its a small country somewhere in Europe. I really love my Explorer 94' which is a gift from my dad for my graduating but I do have some questions , and I would be really thankful if you can guys help me. So I really hate these radius arm bars , so...
  12. D

    13' Custom Headlights

    Looking to have someone do, or to buy a set of headlights with the LED strip in them like newer model cars. And or halo rings around the projector any help would be appreciated thank you
  13. J

    Ford Rapter Style Custom Grill

    Hey guys, I was looking to see if anybody is making or knows somebody who is making the Ford Rapter style custom grills for the 3rd gen explorer. Thanks
  14. M

    02-05 Custom Front Bumper

    I recently just built this bumper for my rig, what do you guys think?
  15. S

    Help With Lift and wheel spacers

    So i want to lift my sport trac and put some spacers on it. I dont know much about lifts and need help. What are the best ones? Lifts that you have used and would recommend. Any pictures would be helpful, thanks.
  16. P

    KinG ArieS project Exploration 94

    project Exploration 94
  17. jonnoriega

    My Platinum Explorer

    Just making a few tweaks to my car. Started with vinyl wrapping most of the chrome parts of the car (door handles, roof rack, mirrors, etc.) with RageWraps in Roseville, IL (guy works out of his garage). He recommended some "pin-striping". The car looks great but could have done better for...
  18. P

    Project Exploration from stock to present CuStoM

  19. T

    For Sale Supercharged '98 Explorer - Custom

    Custom 1998 Ford Explorer XLT with a Supercharged 5.0L v8! I bought this great little truck back in 2009 at 175k miles, and over the 27k miles I've owned it, I've done the following: -Explorer Express X-Charger roots type supercharger -Heads decked with New copper head gaskets -Complete...
  20. J

    For Sale CUSTOM 2004 Explorer

    I hope you'll bear with me and my long story... It's been a really long time since I have posted here. I got a lot of good info from this site back in the day, so I reckon it is worth paying to become an Elite member to make this post. Ugh, I'm getting a little nostalgic and emotional just...
  21. L

    Custom Emblems

    I don't care for the Ford emblem on the front and back. It always stood out to me and detracted from the rest of the vehicle. It does look a little better in black, as some people have done. But the "bubbly" look still just doesn't fit. So I took it upon myself to change the game. I still...
  22. A

    Dumpster diver

    I haven't seen a page on here to help those of us that customize and fabricate find stuff we need for free or super cheap. So dumpster diver is born. I hope it takes off. My first two items are for my on board air system that I'm building. York style air (previously a/c) compressor...
  23. P

    Anyone know a cheep explorer sport trac accessories website??

    Looking for a website thats not over priced but has a lot of parts for my 03 ford explorer sport trac. trying to customize it. so far CARiD is good. I appreciate the help.
  24. S

    interior aux LEDs and fixtures

    Never realized how addicting lighting improvements is. After HID heads and fogs, blue puddle, license, and map lights, I have a bunch of spare LEDs that I want to play with. I'd like to put LEDs in front footwell and under second and third row seats. It's easy enough to add a switch and use...
  25. K

    2003 Ford Explorer Sport-SC

    Hey guys. Just introducing myself, I'm Kadia. I'm the proud owner of a 2003 ford explorer sport I named Ellen. Got her through craigslist and I've been making her mine ever since. I guess I'll use my account to just show what I'm doing with the X. Check it out :)