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cv axle replacement

  1. W

    Daily Driver Help ASAP

    Okay, here's the deal. I have a 1997 Ford Explorer. It is the XLT 4.0 OHV it is 4WD 4 door. It is my daily driver with 189,700 miles on it. So far I have replaced the following : 4/5 Shocks ( I didn't touch the one on the rear diff ) Inner/Outer Tie Rods Hub Assembly in the front Sway Bar...
  2. 3

    2000 4x4 passenger CV axle won't go all the way into diff

    Hey guys need some help really quick! Currently laying under my explorer as I'm trying to fit my new passenger CV axle all the way onto the spline that goes into the diff but it won't seem to go all the way in. Noticed the driver side doesn't go all the way in either and there's a small gap at...
  3. MountaineerGreen

    List of Useful Threads MountaineerGreen's "How To" Writeup List

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