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  1. K

    How Ford Lost a New Customer

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest ownership experience regarding my CPO 2014 Explorer Sport. When purchased, the liftgate was misaligned which Washington Ford in Washington, PA graciously allowed me to expense the realignment due to the issue existing upon pick up. Fast forward 7...
  2. P

    Mystery interior panel damage

    I have a 99 Explorer sport and since I've acquired it it's had this weird ? around both side mirrors on the inside. The pictures don't do it justice but the plastic is coming off almost powdery. I'm not entirely sure what's causing it but my guess would be washer fluid from the previous owner...
  3. C

    Avalanche Crushed My Explorer

    Ok, that was a slightly dramatic title. We had a massive snow storm in NY about a week ago. It was pretty awesome. They didn't give us the day off from school, so I was runnin' HAM all day. I didn't get any free time until my truck was buried in the snow. I spent 2-3 days digging the 1994...
  4. S

    Lots of Issues

    Hey peeps, New to the forum, but I've got a 2002 Fiord Explorer Sport 4WD with 148,000 miles and a MULTITUDE of issues, and I'd like to see if any of you guys know what dealing I'll with, in terms of time, if it can be repaired at home, and what costs I'm looking at. But first, some back story...
  5. N

    Rear Hatch Question - 2008 XLT

    Hi there, first post here on the forums. We have an 08 XLT in the White Sand color, I believe. It has a bit of damage, but I believe our worst damage is in the rear hatch, where there's a massive dent. It happened while my brother was moving the ex, and he made a mistake and misjudged on a...
  6. G

    Full front end axels and suspension repair, please read

    I need a how to or a video or a diagram showing how to repair the whole front end to my explorer sport. i went into a ditch and now the rims, axels, suspension, shocks, everything under the motor needs to be replaced. any manuals or how to's would be amazing. u can call or email me with...