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dana 44

  1. KurtECV

    Dana 44/8.8/9 Thrust washers

    Posting in case anyone else needs the INFO: The Dana 44/AMG 20/Ford 8.8 share almost the same axle gear thrust washer as the 31 spline Ford 9 inch. Found this out when I was checking clearances for my Aussie Locker in my 9 inch. I'm out of spec so I called Tech and ran some measurements with...
  2. M

    1/2 ton axle swap

    I'm currently in the process of swapping half ton axles under my 94 and I had a couple questions. I plan on taking off away bars and shocks, but I still want to drive it to work once in a while, any insight as to how it will ride will be great. Also I plan on swapping in 5.09 gears, is that a...
  3. T

    Dana 44???

    Iv been reading about different people doing a sas d44. Now i would like to talk to some people that know more than me. To start what i need, 3 u joints, 2 ball joints, new steering linkage, more ground clearance, less 3 wheeling more 4x4. so i have a friend that has a d44 but i need to have it...
  4. M

    i need some SAS help...

    so u just picked up a D44 out of an old waggy (super awesome deal...$25), and i need some help finding the parts to convert it back to 5 lug preferably the ford half ton 5 on 5 rather than the stock 5 on 4.5. also it ahs vacuum activated auto hubs and i would like to get rid of those when i do...
  5. H

    Need some help

    i have the chance to get a 78 or 79 f150 dana 44 complete for my 93 explorer for 100 bucks from a friend of mine, what i need to know is how to do the swap effectivly and cheap. the explorer is my only car and plan on wheeling it relatively hard, thanks, Blair
  6. 6

    Sorry but, 44 outers on 35 inner

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but has anyone actually installed 44 outers on the 35 inner? I have read plenty of 5 year old posts but am really looking for a simple anwser. I want to install the chevy 44 dust shield with 44 TTB spindle and rotor and I assume chevy axle stub. I cut the brake ears...
  7. T

    Rare Dana 44??

    I found a Dana 44 for sale locally on Craigslist for $200. It was exactly what I needed, full width, already set up for a 3 link, custom heim jointed 2" thick tie rod, High pinion and 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern. I didn't think much of it when I bought it but once I got home I realized it was a leaf...
  8. yostyexplorer94

    yostyexplorer94's 1/2 Ton Axle Project

    This is the solid axle swap thread. For the full build Click Here Specifications! Axle 1979 Full Width Dana 44 Front F150 Axle Yukon Gear 5.13 Reverse Cut Spicer 1310 Pinion Yoke Detroit Locker 3.93 and up ratio Spicer 5-760x Solid U-Joints Chrome Moly 4340 Front Axle Set Lifetime...