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dash lights

  1. F

    I'm just curious

    I don't really care because I have manual locking hubs on my sport but my 4x4 and low range light on my dash are not coming on when I put it in to ether just wondering if it could be the bulbs or something else.
  2. White Shift Indicator W Green Film

    White Shift Indicator W Green Film

  3. Temp Gauge Close Up

    Temp Gauge Close Up

  4. Temp Cluster

    Temp Cluster

  5. Temp Cluster Differences

    Temp Cluster Differences

  6. Temp Cluster Back Side

    Temp Cluster Back Side

  7. Original Gauge

    Original Gauge

  8. Original Gauge With Temp Cluster Removed

    Original Gauge With Temp Cluster Removed

  9. Original Gauge Minus Cover

    Original Gauge Minus Cover

  10. Original Gauge Cover Options

    Original Gauge Cover Options

  11. Original Gauge Back Side

    Original Gauge Back Side

  12. New Gauge Needles

    New Gauge Needles

  13. New Cluster Installed

    New Cluster Installed

  14. R

    2013 Explorer PI wont start and interior lights go on & off when driving

    Many problems have started at once. First the charging light came on and off but every time I checked it was charging at 14V so I replaced the battery. That helped for a week and the light started coming on and off again but the car worked fine. Now when I go to start the car nothing happens...
  15. J

    Dash light bulb replacement

    I have a 2009 Ford Explorer. My question is what is the bulb number for instrument cluster. Half of my speedometer is not lighting up. I know how to replace the bulb. It appears to be pretty simple. My only issue is I do now know what bulb number is. I have searched the forums and have found...
  16. J

    Not your typical headlight switch question.

    I have a 2000 Explorer. a few months ago my dash lights and tail lights went out, so i searched the forum and found i needed to switch the headlight switch, and that fixed it. now here i am again, same lights go out and i think all i need to do is swap out the switch. wrong. no luck. i...
  17. D

    How to replace dash lights (very detailed)

    Hey guys, So I just made this video which should be very helpful to many of us! Replacing the dash lights is not that bad of a job and it is just a little time consuming with all of the screws. Let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRMSvFO7org
  18. B

    Please read!!! Power Issues - Dash lights

    Hi there. The other day i was driving to work and my entire instrument panel blacked out for roughly two seconds, and rebooted - burying the tach/speedo etc before finding the correct speed and revs. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but it was minus 28C at the time. The next day...
  19. A

    What is wrong with my Explorer?

    We have a '97 Explorer with multiple issues that I believe are probably connected, just not even sure where to start. We don't have a lot of money, so would love to troubleshoot/fix ourselves if possible. We've had the truck about 2 years and all this started about 6 months ago... The first...
  20. S

    abs and traction control light?

    whats going on guys,i got another issue with my truck.2006 awd mountaineer.here is what happened,driving to work last week and the abs and traction light came on.they would go on and off randomly i cant make it happen every time.twice i had the tires lock up on me pulling out of my driveway.i...
  21. G

    dash lites, dome light, 4x4 high light

    My Ford Explorer has some issues with lights. 1 -- the 4x4 high dash light blinks intermittently for no reason. Recently, I tried to engage the 4x4 high in snow and the light did not come on and stay on on the dash -- does that mean my 4x4 is not working? 2 -- when I rotate the indoor lites...
  22. U

    no dash lights

    no cluster lighting and ac panel minus the warning lights...dimmer works...radio lights work...any suggestions? ive checked all fuses and replaced bulbs in cluster
  23. C

    94 Ranger. Dashboard light issues.

    So my dash lights went out and all of the indicators are working. I checked the fuses, and they are good. From what I've read it's common for the headlight switch to go bad. I pulled it out and looked at it and it looked fine. Would I notice any visible damage to the switch, specifically the...
  24. B

    Had to remove instrument cluster 03 explrr

    Working on a leak in my A/C system; I was pretty much forced to remove the entire dash/instrument cluster to get at the front evaporartor core. Fixed the leak; got the dash back in...almost. Two things: the gas guage and compass no longer work and the Door ajar, seatbelt, and check gage are all...
  25. C

    Looking for help with no dash and hvac lights

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1995 XLT Ford Explorer from a friend. The vehicle has a kink or two to work out, but the most important safety issue I have to address is the lack of dash lighting(including the hvac lighting). I searched through the old posts and found some tips for the gen...