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  1. H

    Solved 2020 PIU Obnoxious rattle - Underbody deflector

    So I've been reading a lot about various rattles but this one I chased and thought I'd post the journey.... Had an annoying rattle coming from the B Piller/Door jamb area of the passengers side. Symptoms: Constant at any speed above 50 more pronounced in high wind unaffected by temperature...
  2. toypaseo

    OEM 91-94 Explorer rear deflector / spoiler $20+S/H

    Pulled this "rare" gem from the junkyard. Needs some TLC. Holes for screws not stripped. No mounting hardware included. $20 and buyer pays shipping within continental US. Click on images, and links to larger views are there.
  3. Lund Windjammer

    Lund Windjammer

    This is my Lund Windjammer that I had a guy at work paint to match for me. It doesn't really keep the window clean but it looks good, so....