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  1. R

    P0174 Help!! 02 sport trac

    Hello, I just recently bought a 02 sport trac.. It is showing p0174 lean on bank 2.. Theses are the things I have done : 1. Fixed/replaced the common corner elbow hose along with PCV valve.. 2. Replaced intake manifold gaskets 3. Cleaned MAF sensor 4. Cleaned throttle body 5. Checked for...
  2. malohnes

    oil leak - backside of engine

    As an FYI for those chasing the various crazy to diagnose oil leak our rigs develop, I just discovered the cause of one of mine I'd like to share. When replacing the heads, with new aftermarket heads, and all the gaskets, I failed to notice that the LIM gasket fit a little skewed so that one...