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  1. S

    5.0 AWD Mounty Banging at Hard Acceleration and High Speeds

    I'm going to do my best explaining my problem so please bear with me. So i'm getting this problem from my front end where every time i accelerate decently hard off the line, I feel some banging. Another time i feel it is when i'm making a left turn and accelerating, however when i make a right...
  2. 2

    Rear Diff ??

    I have a 2000 explorer 2-door 4.0l ohv. i replace the diff fluid some years back just for maintance. well i have been noticing it looks wet & i can see little drips under the cover. i think it might be from when i jack the rear up i put the jack unger the diff and the jack head pushes up on the...
  3. E

    Front Diff Disco Actuator...Baffled!

    Hello. First of all, this is my first post here...seriously, the knowledge you guys have has gotten me through most of my repair question. My apologies in advance...This is gonna be a long, but an issue I've been having since January has taken me on a wild ride, and today just got stranger...
  4. N

    Swap a 3:08 rear diff of a crown vic for my 3:27?

    Hey guys, I have an 05 X with the 4.6 v8, not sure if this has been done before, but my rear diff needs to be replaced, as per the usual on the X, I have found one for a sick deal, its less than a hundred for parts, but its off a crown vic. Its still an 8.8, complete assembly, but its a3:08...
  5. wood1

    2000 Tracker front diff issue

    I put this thread in the Zuke forum because I don't believe Chev made any of this thing really. Anyway, 2000 Chev Tracker 4dr, 4wd, 5 speed 130,000 kms. 4 wheel drive hasn't worked for a short time, I hadn't had the time to figure out why but today I noticed that while driving in 2wd there...
  6. F

    Help w/ diff bushings: Ford 8.8 into RX7

    Greetings and Saluations, Funny how car projects lead us to all ends of the internet isn't it? Short story... I work as a mechanical engineer in Southern California and drive a Chevy LS1 powered Mazda RX7 rocking Nissan 350z brakes. I'm looking to upgrade my IRS to the excellent 31...
  7. Z

    my rear end

    first off hahahaha you're looking at my rear end! OK I'm new to the forum. I'd take my time to do the intro thing but I'm in between classes here at the college and had a question about the diff on my 03. Now I've def done my research on the whole whinning issue our trucks have and took it...
  8. N

    Newbie with problems (of course)

    Hi All, New member to the forums but have been lurking for some time. I joined to search, and unfortunately came up empty. I have a 97 Explorer Sport, v6 SOHC 4.0 - and am currently experiencing a problem with the drive-line. I guess first of all, I have seen so many threads outlining...
  9. 9

    Worthwile informative video tutorial from the 1930s on how a differential works

    The good stuff starts at 1:50, but its remarkable how they start with simple tinkertoys and build up a modern differential. A must see if you are not sure how a diff works. Good science project for kids in school too!
  10. S

    Diff or transfer box

    Finally got round to having someone look at the whine on my ex. They took it for a quick test drive and have diagnosed either the diff or transfer box. There wasn't a ramp free for a proper look so couldn't determine which. He told me to cut my losses and het rid of her but I dint really want...
  11. meterman1976

    front diff is a milkshake

    Ok so this weekend I fixed my axel seal, simple to do I found out. But its been broken for like 5 months now and when I went to drain the diff its like a milkshake if not thicker, I know I know not good. Is there a easy way to clean it tho? My thinking is suction out when I can. Then put clean...
  12. DCFC0093


  13. Truck pics

    Truck pics

    New rear diff cover.
  14. Back side

    Back side

    My X's Ass
  15. im000905-2