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differential fluid

  1. J

    Rear Diff Fluid

    I have a '98 Explorer Sport going on 200K. The manual states that the differential fluid is good for the life of the vehicle. Does anybody know how true this is to the vehicle? Or if I should just go ahead and replace it?
  2. D

    How to Change Rear Differential Fluid

    Hey Guys, Here is my newest "How To" video, How to Change Rear Differential Fluid. This is definitely some good preventative maintenance at about 100K miles. I will be making a shorter version that goes over the basics. This is the in-depth one. The idea is after watching this video, anyone...
  3. B

    Front Diff Cover Leak- Gasket?

    Hey folks, I've noticed a leak coming from my front diff cover, and so I am looking to remove it and seal it back up. Now, it is apparent to me by looking at the car and by browsing the forum that it is impossible to actually remove the cover while the axle is in the car, thanks to the...
  4. C


    Hey guys, I have a 2003 ford explorer xls and i wanted to know, at what mileage point should i change my differential fluid? Also what kind of fluid does it take?:exp:
  5. D

    Sway Bar Links Question

    Hi all, This forum is encouraging me to have confidence in working on my Ex myself, but so far I've just done little things, such as wiring. I haven't even done an oil change myself. :help: I noticed today one of my front sway bar links is nonexistent and I want this to be my first...
  6. O

    First Gen Front Differential Fluid

    I really haven't been able to find a definitive answer on the forum. What type of fluid goes into the front differential on a first gen (specifically 1992) Explorer? The manual just says "4x4 gear oil" as does the computer at Advance Auto. I just want to be sure exactly what to put in...
  7. S

    Rear Differential: Friction Modifier with Synthetic Fluid?

    To Add, or Not to Add. That is the question. I've had all kinds of issues with my '02 XLT's rear differential (3.73 Limited Slip) over the years, including a clutch pack replacement and partial rebuild. I'm kind of babying it now, changing fluid every 30K miles or so. I bought some Royal...
  8. BobWiersema

    What do I feed the Rear Diff.? *PICTURES*

    I have a small leak in the rear differential. So I thought I would just top it off until the weather allows more time to change the gasket. I looked in the manual and became completely confused. So I looked around here and obviously didn't know what to search for, so I'm still confused about...