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    Disabling overhead display dimmer?

    Hey everyone, I like to drive with the parking lights on during the day and unfortunately for me, that causes the temperature and compass display to dim. Is anyone here familiar with the wiring for the overhead display harness and what controls the temperature display dimmer? I just need to know...
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    Dash Dimmer Switch out-fix it yourself

    I found this very informative youtube video: Its for a 1996 Explorer but is the same for a 1995 to 1997 Explorer.
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    Cigarette lighter doesn't work when dimmer is fully on

    Hi! I have a 91 ford explorer. I recently had to change the headlight switch because part of the connector burnt (specially around pin B2/A on diagram). I also changed the connector. Both of them are now brand new. Now my cigarette lighter stops working when I turn the dimmer on (either on...
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    Headlights on, message center and radio lights off!

    I just noticed this. When the headlight switch is in AUTO and the headlights come on, the message center and radio displays dim as they should. HOWEVER, if I put the headlight switch manually to the ON position, the message center and radio displays go out. I assume that the dimmer circuit is...
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    Dimmer module pinout

    One gripe I've had with my 95 Limited since I got it, is that there's no way to disable the dome lights as the dimmer module doesn't have the click at the bottom. So today I went to a junkyard for unrelated things and found a ~99 XLS with a switch that clicked on the bottom. Score! Or, so I...