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    Where is my pcm power diode?

    My 2002 ford explorer 4.0L keeps blowing fuse 41 under the hood. I want to check the pcm power diode. Can someone please tell me what it is and where it is located? I suspect the reason for my problem to be a short in 02 sensor circuit. So if I go to my pcm power diode and trace the red/yellow...
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    2005 Explorer alarm install...STUCK?

    Howdy folks.. I took an an EX projoject that has me stumped. I am installing an alarm in a 2005 EX XLS. I have seen the 2004 mountaneer install as well as many wiring diagrams. I have the relays wired and ready and a pack of 1 amp diodes waiting to be told what where to go :) I have also...
  3. Internal diode trio.

    Internal diode trio.