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door ajar

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    99 ford explorer lift gate issues with power

    I'm having a few issues with what I believe is the wiring in the lift gate. Door ajar light is randomly on, generally goes off like crazy when going over bumps. I have tested the other doors, it is the rear hatch/liftgate. I have used wd40 like some other posts have mentioned. I am also...
  2. E


    Hello! I have a 2004 Explorer, with all of the same problems that everyone else has posted! The latest is that the repair that I did for the DOOR AJAR problem seems to have returned. It is too cold and snowy to take this apart at this time. Gas mileage has gone down significantly, usually this...
  3. T

    2002 Explorer Alarm Issues

    My explorer has had this issue before. Just seems to fix itself. It also had the door ajar issues as well which I understand they are connected. This truck is now sitting, not being driven and the alarm just started going off, first time in a couple years. I disconnected the battery#thinking...
  4. P

    radio/lift gate glass/fuel level/alarm problems

    Yesterday I dropped off my bf in Dallas, and of course as soon as i got back to Houston my Explorer started doing some weird things. I'm not sure if they are related or several problems that just happened at the same time. The drive to Dallas and back was fine, but when I got home the problems...
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    Which door is ajar?

    Hello Everyone!!! Long time listener, first time caller. My son is driving his '04 Explorer home for Thanksgiving. His "door ajar" light is on. I've read the threads about removing the door panels, replacing actuator switches, finding the broken wires in the rubber boot, but I haven't...
  6. K

    2002 Ford Explorer Door Ajar Alarm

    Hello, had my 2002 ford explorer for years. now the door alarm sound goes off CONSTANTLY when I drive, and the doors automatically lock and unlock. Some please please help
  7. B

    Door ajar stuck

    My door ajar light has been stuck om for 3 days now and it's snoring the ever living out of me. Can anyone help to solve this issue? Thanks!
  8. C

    Door ajar wont turn off now everything going wrong

    Hi I have a 04 Explorer For the last 3 weeks my door ajar light wont go off, also my brake lights keep staying on (and manually have to hit brake pedal after shut off to turn off) as well as ABS light occasionally keeps appearing and disapearing. My battery now seems to be failing bc the...
  9. J

    Little problems

    Hi Ya'll, I have a 2004 Ford Explorer XLS. I purchased this car and paid it off from a buy here pay here lot. This truck has issues, of course, since it is now paid off. I think the timing chain is going but I also have a lot of other little issues. My door ajar light is on, no windows...
  10. C

    new door striker bushings, now door ajar light on

    I got the 4 gray bushings off ebay that are supposed to be a perfect fit. However after I got them on my door ajar light will not go out. I removed them all, then just installed one on the drivers door. Got door ajar light again. I had marked the latch position with a marker so it was in the...
  11. M

    Door ajar always on

    My 97 explorer has the door ajar light on. All doors are firmly closed and the light remains as I drive. I have checked all doors, including back lift gate and back window. Symptoms: Door ajar light on (with all doors closed) Dome lights stay on after car is turned off and remains on all...
  12. G

    Door ajar, burgler alarm going off, keypad entry not working

    Good Morning Everyone... My Ford 2002 Explorer with 03/08/2002 manufacture date is having problems. I have read many of the wonderful posts on the same problems (listed below).... and will be using them for guidance, especially how to take the driver door panel off to inspect the wires...
  13. L

    4-FOUR!- problems w/1998 Ford Explorer NEWBIE here pls help

    I don't know if I'm even in the right forum, so please forgive me and correct me if I am- cuz I'll likely have more questions monthly! Just joined, and I have several problems in which I looked up in various forums but couldn't "relate" to the answers...so I'm going to try a new post here to...
  14. T

    2002 Ford Explorer door ajar and alarm problem.

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer, the Eddie Bauer edition, and for about the last year or so I've been having issues with the door ajar light and alarm. I first noticed the problem when suddenly at night the alarm would start going off by itself. At first it was happening not so often, and then it...
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    DooAjar, Electrical problems

    I'm plagued with the DOOR AJAR message. Am I to assume there is a door ajar sensor for each door and the hatch? Or is there just one master sensor. If so where is it located. On another subject the overhead temp and compass lights don't work and rear wipers work when they feel like it! Is...
  16. S

    '02 V6 Explorer with Many Electrical Problems

    There are a lot of things going on so I will try to be as brief as possible. I have a 2002 V6 Explorer and here are the things that are going wrong. 1. None of the power door locks work. 2. None of the key fob functions work. 3. The keyless entry keypad does not light and does not work. 4...
  17. M

    door lock/keypad FUBAR!

    hi guys, here goes: 1) door keyless pad, no more lights, when i try to enter the code for entry, the alarm goes off. 2) d/s lock switch only operates while car is running. 3) courtesy lights stay on too long, about 30 min 4) radio shuts off immediately when key is turned off, and key in...
  18. Q

    Do these symptoms point to a specific problem.

    I just bought a 1995 Exolorer XLT. Here are the problems I am having, hopefully someone will know what might be the problem. 1. Door Ajar light stays on 2. Power Mirrors dont work 3. Interior Lights stay on when door is closed. 4. Front blower for AC and heat does not always work (does...