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door handles

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    Rear Lift-gate broken

    This is the piece that connects the outside lift gate handle to the interior mechanism that opens the rear trunk. It’s plastic and snapped but stayed in place. I tried lock tite which is the pink residue. Also zip ties. Anyone know the part name or where to find a replacement. Thanks.
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    Door handles

    So I have my 1992 explorer 4 door and a couple of the exterior door handles are broken and they're all faded and I was just wondering if the second Gen metal handles would bolt right in. I'd much rather have the metal than the plastic but wanna know before I buy then. Any help would be much...
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    Replacing 05 Sport Trac Outer Door Handles

    So recently my dad broke the driver's side door handle off my '05, and I just bought a replacement handle. This didn't come with rivets or screws to mount it with, and I have no clue what size screws I would need to replace the rivets with, if possible. I also have no way to remove the rivets...
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    Looking to replace interior door panels, have a question on manual vs fullpower doors

    I have a 1991 explorer and i need to replace the interior door panels. I have manual doors, meaning i have to push locks and crank the windows. It is very difficult for me to find door panels that arent designed for full power doors. So my question is, can i buy the interior plastic door...
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    Price of painting exterior trim?

    So I have a 2008 red Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer And I'm thinking about changing the color of the trim to black. How much would it cost to have the trim painted black? Also I want to make the door handles black, what is the best option for that?
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    Looking for 92 XL Door handles (interior)

    Anyone know where to find door pulls for a 92 XL with manual windows? Kbabiak doesn't carry first gen, and LMC only has them available for the XLT. All 4 of mine are in various stages of breakage (original owner was compulsive about cleanliness, not so much about greasing hinges), but the...