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door lock problem

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    2002 Explorer New Door Asy Lock Still Does Not Lock

    I have a 2002 XLT I just bought with the driver's door that does not lock. Inside lock lever, key lock and electric locks all actuate the locking mechanism on the assembly (or appear to). I figured it was something wrong inside the mechanism itself so I bought and replaced the old one. Exact...
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    Rear doors won't open from the inside

    Both my rear doors won't open from the inside. I've messed with the child lock switches, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
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    Driver's side door lock problem

    Merry Christmas all! i have an issue where i am no longer able to lock/unlock my 2006 Explorer driver's door with the key, but everything works fine with the remote. i took off the door panel this weekend and found that there was a connecting rod from the actuator that was dangling in the...
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    power locks aren't functioning at all

    I don't know if anyone can help me but I'm trying to figure out what to do to fix an issue I'm having with my power locks I bought the 02 explorer about 3 years ago and they locks have never worked. not with any door in the vehicle or the key fob or the keyless entry. I replace the...
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    2nd Gen Explorer Power Door Lock Issue

    Hello, 1st time on this forum Have a '96 Explorer with power door lock issues. Drivers door lock button quite working 1st and then door locks started going crazy, locking and unlocking by themselves while driving. Locks would also unlock by themselves after parking & walking away. This...
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    Door Lock problems please help!

    I have a 96 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition V8. The key fob will only unlock the driver side door. The fob will not lock any doors but will arm the alarm. The manual lock inside on any of the four doors will not lock the doors however the driver side door will arm the alarm. When I use the rear...
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    Door locks possesed

    I have a 1998 Explorer with 140k miles on it. It has been running great until today when the door locks became possesed and began locking and unlocking all by themselves. I finally had to pull the fuse #18 to get them to stop. Does anyone know what happened and how to fix it? Thanks Kairos
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    I was very fortunate to find this site a couple months ago while trying to fix the power windows on my 1996 Ford Explorer. I found all the answers on this site and with videos and step by step instructions. Recently my windows and door locks only worked part of the time - figuring it was in...
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    2002 Explorer door lock problems

    I have a 2002 ford explorer 4x4 Eddie Baurer edition. The electric door locks work manually but will not work with the keyless entry remote. I took the remote to an Autozone and tested it and the remotes checks out as "working" w/good batteries. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!!Thanks in...
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    Doors can't be locked.

    Hello everybody, I'm new here at the explorerforum. Just bought my first Explorer Limited 4.0 (2001) but have already a problem. The doors can't be locked anymore while the lights are flashing. Is this a serious problem or is there a simple solution to fix this? Regards
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    Help please! I have a power door lock & linkage issue.

    Hi, I'm new to the site, and would like to introduce myself. My name is Fred, and I live in Michigan. I have an '01 Explorer Sport, and it has been a great vehicle for the most part. However, I have a problem with the door locks. I'm not sure what forum I should post this in, so maybe...